Your full service technology partner! 
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Client Account Overview

Your full-service technology partner!

Pay-as-you-go, flat-rate, and monthly services.

All our clients get access to the extended client features of our website including our client private area, PSDP, online computer inventory, and much more! Add Prestwood to your company's information technology department.




Free Network Assessment:
$345 Value!
Security, speed, reliability, & usage. Free to clients and potential clients. Book your appointment today!
FREE Website Evaluation
$245 Value!
Is your business losing thousands of dollars because your website is not up to par?
Free Coding Consultation:
Always FREE!
New apps, conversions, and maintenance. Contact us now for honest discussion of your tasks or a project.
Account Overview: Pay-as-you-go, flat-rate, and monthly services.
Published Rates: Flexible, Fair, and Published Pricing.
Open Account Online! Call us now or download our New Client Form and mail or fax it back to us. We'll add you to our database, and give you a call.
Why Prestwood:
Best practices. Standards. Process. Since 1984!
We are your extended I.T. department! If you have tech guys, use us to help out. If you don't, we'd like to become your tech guys. We offer a full range of I.T. services. For small and medium-sized companies, we can level the playing field usually for far less than the cost of one salaried I.T. employee! For large companies with I.T. departments, we can handle the tasks and projects when your team is over extended.

Get Started

To get started, call or email Mike Prestwood for a free consultation or you can Submit a Ticket now.

Or, you can open an account online now...

1. Open an Account, 2.Submit Your First Issue

If you're ready to get started now, you can open an account online now.

Get Started Now!
If you're ready to get started, open a Client Account now. However, we understand selecting the right consulting firm is a tough decision that requires discussion prior to selection. We would like you to contact us so that we can participate in your decision. Here at Prestwood we do not engage in strong sales tactics; just honest discussion. Our hope is that through honest discussion you will put some of your development tasks in our hands. Contact us today and allow us to discuss your current and future needs.

Option 1: Online Request Form

To have us contact you via email or phone, take three minutes or so and fill out our automated On-Line Request form.

Project Outsourcing Request Form

Option 2: Call Or Email Us Now!

We can discuss the feasibility of your needs and possible solutions. Call Mike Prestwood at the following number:

1-916-726-5675 x205

Or contact Mike via email at:

Support Account Overview

After you open a Support Account with us, your account manager will assign the appropriate Prestwood personnel for each task. Whenever possible, we'll assign the same consultant to you. This allows the consultant to get to know you, your company, and your project. The consultant works with you via the internet, email, fax, mail, and the telephone.

Hourly Rates:

  • Regular = $110 (onsite, remote, coding, tech, design, etc.)
  • Server Tech Service = $125
  • After Hours Service = $135 (before 8AM, after 5PM)
  • Emergency/Weekend Service = $145 (min. 2 hours.)
  • Travel Fee = Free within core service areas Or $25, or $50 or T&M at $55/hour.
Billed in 15 minute increments. Onsite minimum is 1 hour. For business and non-profit accounts, net 30 terms are available.
Websites & Marketing
Coding Services

Who uses their Prestwood Support Account?

Companies use their Support Account for a variety of tasks. For example:

  • New Development, you can use your Support Account for single tasks, small projects, and large projects.
  • Maintenance, Do you have an existing application or website? We can maintain it for you. Add new content, track more data in new tables or fields, add a report, or a new feature.
  • Per hour development, use us to co-develop. You can extend your staff to include our talented individuals and resources.
  • Project Management, to successfully develop an application, you need a solid process
  • Training / Mentoring, we specialize in object oriented analysis and design, software development process, and project management.
  • Quality Assurance, for quality assurance reasons, many companies ask us for independent reviews (requirements, design, code, GUI, etc) and independent testing.
  • Technical Support, every programmer needs "extended" help now and then. Get detailed answers to how to questions when you need them.
  • Feasibility Studies, can the project be completed given the estimated budget required, scheduling, etc.
  • Reviews, for quality assurance reasons, many companies ask us for independent reviews (requirements, design, code, GUI, etc).
  • Enterprise Modeling is about discovering the custom software needs of a company or organization.
  • Computer Support, we provide onsite tech support for our Sacramento area clients as well as remote services for all our clients around the world.
Sales Website: Or visit our legacy sales site:

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