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Theo Smith

Impressed! Keep up your good work!

Ame Smith is just plain easy to use. Everything is arranged in a logical way and the pages load quickly. You guys know people don't have time to waste and it is reflected in your streamlined site.

Michelle Rosborough

What i like about CONTESTS!!!!!!

Richard Thomas

It is the first site that contains really useful information regarding Paradox that I have managed to find. Certainly much more useful than Corel's site. It also has the added bonus that I can easily navigate it using the text browser, Lynx.

Matt David

The thing that i like best about prestwood is that it is just a HUGE source of information, shopping and all kinds of groovy goodness. Just about everything you need is there, from chats to games to forums. It's also fast and it's GOT IT ALL BABY!

Wayne Upchurch

I most especially like the straightforward way your software offerings are presented.. and that you're offering such well recognized leading software, too . . and MOST especially.. frankly.. the chances to win some of it..

Ron Segall has given me some valuable information about Paradox. Recently it has become a "one stop" shopping area for browsing. Besides getting Paradox information, there are many links to other valuable sites.

Shawna King

There Are 2 features I like about The first is the discount mall! the second one is one that my husband will check out when I tell him--The games!

Aram Ziyalov

Prestwood is the best site for computers I have ever seen. It takes time to search different websites for products or fun things on the internet. Prestwood combines all that for the computer lover that I am.

Jim Lewis

Your site is one of the few that actually has useful and beneficial information on it. In addition it is easy to navigate and you don't send me a lot of useless space wasting Email.

David Nottingham

I like the free games! They are excellent and fun to play and help me while away the hours when I am bored or waiting for someone or something!

Lisa Brazeau

I have been excited about because it isn't a cut and dry consulting firm, VAR nor distributor. gives me an

up-to-date picture on specific software, news, music, games, online shopping and research. The site is a one-stop spot and is now my home page.

Jerry Lyman

Prestwood is a well rounded site that is chock full of everything to entertain and amuse visitors of all ages. It is easily accessible and faster than a speeding bullet. Why if they served food, one could live inside its domain. LOL, Peace and love for the holiday season.

Dr. Gregory A. Jepsen

All I can say is: Wow! I am really impressed with Prestwood ( I am always looking for information about Windows programming. Prestwood offers solutions to all of my problems, and more! I have now made Prestwood my official Home Page!


Prestwood covers a very wide spectrum of categories, but also has great detail in those many listed categories. Prestwood is extremely convenient!

Mark Manson

I like because your emails are always polite and your site is so easy to get around and full of boss links and information.

Shane McGrath

I like the fact that gives me easy access to all of the components of the web that can help me develop and run a web-based business.

Harrah, Ltd.

I find that the more I explore the features of Paradox, the more it proves that it's capabilities are unlimited. Until I came across Prestwood I felt that I was alone in my love for this programming language. Prestwood gives me the support and confidence in the future of Paradox.

Roger Davis is like a friend next door - always there to call on for help, advise and a good chat.

Casey Birmingham

Not getting 50 emails in one month. Everything is short, sweet & to the point.

Mary Boldin

What I like best is all of the update, insightful information contained on the site that not only keeps me informed and up-to-date on all the areas that apply and/or interest me currently, but, enabled me to learn about new and exciting aspects of computing and the web that I have never delved into before. Keep up the fabulous job !!! For service: 916-726-5675
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