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Managed Wordpress Platform

We set you up for success and guide you as internet advertising evolves. We manage all the details, you participate at whatever level you wish.

You and your staff focus on your business while we focus on your website using the best tools for taking advantage of internet advertising. We manage all Wordpress setup, hosting, configuration, maintenance, recommendations, social networking strategy, and ongoing SEO.

Your role with your website is optional but ideally some ongoing participation by someone in your company is ideal for keeping and generating clients. That person will focus on evolving and sharpening page content, and hopefully post new blog posts on a weekly, or monthly basis. Each blog post can be setup to automatically post to your social networking pages. You can make changes directly to pages and your blog using the Wordpress Dashboard, the Wordpress Desktop application, or just send changes and additions to us to post. You participate with page and blog content at whatever level you are comfortable with including all updates or none. Either way, you can lean on our expertise when needed.

Step 1: Choose Managed Wordpress Hosting over cPanel

Wordpress pro-level features speed up your website which means both a better visitor experience, and better SEO. A better visitor experience means your bounce rate will drop. Security will give you peace of mind. Easily implemented advanced features will give your website pizazz.

Best of breed internet marketing using leading technologies and techniques.

This is your ongoing monthly fee. Initially, we'll have a small project to bring your website into our platform (billed hourly). Take full advantage of Wordpress plugins in a fully managed professional Wordpress hosting plan. You will have full access to your Wordpress Dashboard and any plug-ins added. This includes Wordpress Jetpack, and the famous Wordpress desktop and mobile applications for Windows, Mac, Android, iPad, and iPhone.

Alternative: As an alternative to our streamlined fully managed plans listed here in which we take care of all the details for you, you have the option of signing up for a myHostCafe cPanel account which gives you full control over your website and provides a plethora of tools you can use to manage your own website.

Available with iThemes Security free...configure in MainWP
  • Strong Password Enforcement
  • Changed the REST API setting in WordPress Tweaks to "Restricted Access".
  • Identified server IPs to determine loopback requests.
  • Identified loopback IP.
  • Banned Users is enabled as recommended.
  • A 3rd-party Backup Plugin, UpdraftPlus - Backup/Restore, is being used.
  • Local Brute Force Protection is enabled as recommended.
  • Network Brute Force Protection is enabled as recommended.
  • WordPress Tweaks is enabled as recommended.
MainWP Stuff...
  • Auto-Update WP Core, only "trusted" updates; others will be installed during manual monthly maintenance.
  • Update Core, Plugins, Themes
  • for updates, verify a backup was created within last 7 days prior.




Monthly Fee
For pay-as-you-go cPanel, see prices at
? $25
Single Bill
Managed Wordpress means one monthly bill. For cPanel, you keep a CC on file at for hosting fees, and pay a monthly fee to us.
Wordpress Dashboard
Full admin-level access to the WP Dashboard and related features.
Native Wordpress App
Full access to the application to manage your website, content pages, and your blog. Separate apps for Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android.
Content & Design Changes
We can handle all or some of the content and design changes.
(Billed Hourly)
Content Development
We can work with you to develop content including new pages, blog posts, etc.
(Billed Hourly)
Search engine optimization billed hourly. See ongoing SEO plan below to automate ongoing SEO maintenance.
(Billed Hourly)

Included myHostCafe Features

Hosting Control Panel Access
You do not get access to a hosting control panel like cPanel. The idea with our fully managed Wordpress platform is that we will take care of the hosting details while you focus on using whatever level of Wordpress features you wish to interact with.
???Jetpack Control Panel
Full access to the Jetpack control panel and related features from your WP admin area.
Dedicated Secure FTP to your website. Contact us for account info.
mySQL Database Access
If ever needed, you have access directly to your mySQL database. Contact us for account info.
Static IP Available
If needed, you must move to a cPanel plan. Sold separately.
Malware Scan & Removal
myHostCafe Backup
30 days of daily Wordpress database and code backups stored on the server (the database and/or code can be restored).
Free Site Restores
No charge to restore the database and/or code to any date within the last 30 days using the myHostCafe archive.
*Feature that helps scale your website by spreading features over various resources. Also helps with SEO.

Managed Wordpress Plan Add-Ons

Move Domain Registration to myHostCafe

Although you can keep your domain registration at your current registrar, we know our own platform best. No charge to move domain, but you have to add a minimum of one year to your registration.

  • Domain Registration Only: Billed and managed under your myHostCafe account. See myHostCafe for pricing.
Managed Wordpress:
  • Managed Domain Registration & Management ($8/month): Includes .COM domain registrar fee, management (unlimited DNS changes managed by us), and Domain Watch (monitoring). Ask for a quote for non .com domains.

Add Email

Business class POP or Exchange e-mail plans. If you need help setting up email accounts and/or migrating data, ask us for a quote.

  • Business Pop Email: Includes 5 Emails per plan, 2GB storage, and integrated group calendar. Billed and managed under your myHostCafe account. See myHostCafe for pricing.
  • Managed Business Pop Email ($5/month per 5 email addresses): Same as Business Email, but monthly fee added to your plan.
  • Managed Ultimate Pop/IMAP Email ($10/month per 5 email addresses): Unlimited storage and auto-discovery. Monthly fee added to your plan.
  • Hosted Exchange Email: Options include Exchange email, collaboration, archive, and compliance. Ask us for a quote.

Add SSL Certificate

Adding an SSL certificate improves SEO and elevates your website above unprotected websites.

  • Standard SSL Certificate ($5/month): Validates domain ownership. Increased security, and SEO.
  • Deluxe SSL Certificate ($8/month): Adds higher security, plus lock icon in visitor browsers.
  • Premium SSL Certificate ($12/month): Highest level of security. Ideal for eCommerce.

Step 2: Migrate or Build New

Step 2a: Migrate Wordpress Code and Database to myHostCafe

A healthy live Wordpress website usually takes one to two hours of billable time to migrate to our platform. Problems, changes, and additional features may increase the time needed.

Cost: Billed hourly. Your developer will bill for actual time, but will work as quickly as possible.

Step 2b: New Wordpress Website

For non-Wordpress websites: Ask us for a quote to convert! If your website is not in Wordpress, we can usually copy the current content at the rate of 1 hour per existing simple page--complex pages take longer. We recommend the initial goal should be to move only existing content into a new premium Wordpress template with no content changes. The focus is on getting your existing content into a brand new Wordpress website. Additonal design changes billed hourly, but a good desgin usually takes an additional 5 and 10 hours to implement using one of our premium Wordpress templates.

Option 1: Theme-Only Starter Website ($750) -- 5 Days from Start to going live!

If your goal is to get live within 5 days, and you are flexible on the look and feel of your initial website, our Theme-Only Starter Website is perfect! You get your website up and live within 5 days, and you lose NO QUALITY! We can extend this starter website in any way you wish using any of the available modern best-practices. For a very affordable startup price and monthly fee, we will get you started with a super high quality professional Wordpress website ready to take advantage of modern best-practice advertising techniques and our Prestwood Wordpress tool stack.

Note: Price does not include monthly fees. To qualify for this deal, you need to sign up for any of our Managed WP plans and add managed domain registration and an SSL certificate. The minimal monthly fee is $38/month which includes Managed Wordpress Hosting, Managed Domain Registration, and an SSL certificate.

Theme-Only Starter Website Procedure:
  • Choose a Managed Wordpress Plan: Minimum $38/month (see note above).
  • Choose a Domain Name: Once signed up on a plan, we will register your domain immediately.
  • Choose Theme: We will present you with 3 professional paid themes we believe will work well with your business. If you don't like any of them, we'll show you another 3, and repeat, until you choose one. All of these themes are professional quality paid themes with unlimited extendability.
  • Provide Content: Logo, brochures, busines cards, etc. We update existing content on existing theme pages with your content. If you do not have a logo yet, we'll use your company name for now.
  • Website Coding: Once we receive content, we will finish and deploy your website within 5 days using our best-practices.

Note: You can upgrade to our Custom Wordpress Theme option anytime you wish. Cost to upgrade is $750 if we do NOT re-design, and $950 for the complete design process.

Option 2: Custom Theme Website ($1,500) -- 10 Days from Start to going live!

Custom Theme Website Procedure:
  • Choose a Managed Wordpress Plan: Minimum $38/month (see note above).
  • Choose a Domain Name: Once signed up on a plan, we will register your domain immediately.
  • Give us Design Details: Give us 2 websites you like: 1 for overall look and feel (menu, navagation, etc), and 1 for color scheme. Keep in mind that we will NOT duplicate those websites, but will use them for inspiration and build you a custom website that has the same look and feel of them.
  • Provide Content: Logo, brochures, busines cards, etc. We update existing content on existing theme pages with your content.
  • Website Coding: Once we receive content, we will finish and deploy your website within 10 days using our best-practices.

Prestwood Wordpress Stack

Wordpress is a powerful platform with many free and low-cost plugins that give you a competative edge over your competitors. The biggest problem with Wordpress is discovering what combination of hosting, caching, CDN servers, Wordpress plugins, and features give you the functionality you need to maximize your internet investment. A big and busy website does not mean a slow website. When you visit a large complex website like, they present to you fresh up to the second content, and a lot of it! At any time, their site is presenting a page of content in under a second that includes dozens of pictures and lots of text. The goal of our ever evolving Wordpress stack is to give you similar power whether you sign up for our $25/month plan or our full package.

Standard Coding Features:
Optional features to give your website an edge over your competitors. Implementation billed hourly using best-of-breed tools including Astra Pro theme, Astra Plugins, Elementor Pro, Ultimate Addons for Elementor, etc.


Theme Starter

Custom Theme


Design Fee with No Plan.
Base coding fee if you do not sign up for our monthly maintenance.
$750 $1,500 $2,500
Design Fee With Maintenance-Only Plan.
Base coding fee if you sign up for our monthly maintenance plan.
$600 $900 $1,800
Design Fee With Fully Managed WP Plan.
Base coding fee if you Sign up for our Fully Managed WP Plan (Maintenance+SEO).
$500 $800 $1,500


Time to live.
Time needed once we receive all content.
5 Days 10 Days 15 Days
Design + Content Changes
# of included coding hours for changes AFTER we build initial website. Additional changes billed hourly.
2hrs 3hrs 4hrs
First 5 info pages included (e.g. Home, Products, Services, About Us, etc.)
Add $100 for each additional page.
Mobile Friendly
The theme, graphics, and all pages will be optimized for desktop, tablet, and phone including a mobile hamburger menu. Optional use of Jetpack mobile theme available.
Disable Preloader
Optional. The websites we develop are so fast, they actually perform better in all ways with the preloader disabled.
Prestwood-Core Theme
Our powerfull Prestwood-Core theme and tools based on Astra Pro, Elementor Pro, and more.
Premium Template
Free Wordpress templates are great. Our library of paid premium templates are better!
Branded Child Theme
Custom WordPress theme branded to your company based on our powerfull Prestwood-Core theme. Core them updates available as long as you are on plan.
Different Retina and Mobile Logos
Theme support for double resolution retina, and mobile logos. Creation from existing logo included.
FavIcon -- Website Icon
Creation and implementation of an optimized 512x512 website icon shows on tabs and bookmarks.
Printable Pages
Add and implement CSS classes for automatic printable versions of all pages.
Contat Us Page
Custom contact us page that collects up to 10 fields of information and emails the info to you. $100 to add to Theme Starter plan.
Included # of Call to Action "Hero" Boxes
Special attention getter call to action box (call us, download something, sign up, or email specific data). Can be added to any page of any site--billed hourly.
0 1 3
Limited to Theme Header Style
Custom contact us page that collects up to 10 fields of information and emails the info to you. $100 to add to Theme Starter plan.
Traditional & Modern Header Styles
Traditional=Color or image background. If dark color or image, we use a white logo. Modern=White background header. Simple. Elegant.
Transparent Header Style
Header is blended in with every page. Each page has its own image header. Elegant. Fancy.
Simple mega-menus are easy and take a few hours.
Billed Hourly
Off-Canvas Menu
Simple off-canvas menus are easy and take a few hours.
Billed Hourly

Design Add-Ons

Design and Connect Social Media ($100 per social site)

Social networking is a business best practice to help drive visitors to your website, keep existing customers, and to raise your SEO.

Recommendation: We strongly suggest you limit your extended social media presences to sites you are good at. It is best to be good at one or two then to be bad at all of them. We recommend you starting with a blog on your business website that is hooked up to both Facebook and Twitter with auto-publish features turned on. Then, your goal is to have someone on your staff write one new "post" every week or month.

Suggested Social Media:
  • Facebook: Appropriate for all businesses and organizations.
  • Twitter: Appropriate for all businesses and organizations.
  • Youtube: A Youtub channel is appropriate if you regularly create new videos--as few as 2 or 3 a year is fine.
  • LinkedIn: Most appropriate if you wish to interact with employees, ex-employees, etc. We usually skip this social network for most clients.
  • Pinterest: Most appropriate if you are a blogger publising at least one new article per month.

Modern Landing Page

A landing page presents a product, service, or event on one page with an action event. The page makes use of modern parallax and other effects. Each website can, and perhaps should, have one or two fancy landing pages.

Design Choices

Whether you choose Starter Theme or Custom Theme above, here are some design choices to think about. For Starter Theme, you are limited to whatever the theme does, but we can try to match a theme to your design choices. For Custom Theme, we can use unlimited options including

Header Options

Header Style
  • Traditional: (Default) Color or image background. If dark color or image, we use a white logo.
  • Modern: White background header. Simple. Elegant.
  • Transparent: Header is blended in with every page. Elegant. Fancy.
Header Width
  • Full: (Default) ...
  • Content: ...
Logo Position
  • Left-Inline: (Default) Slimmer vertical profile.
  • Center: Open space vertical profile (breathes a bit more).
Website Search Options
  • None: Some websites are better off with no search capabilities.
  • Menu, Far Right: Search icon with your choice to slide open box left, fill header (Default), or fill page.
Content Style
  • Traditional: ???
  • Modern: ???
  • Transparent: ???
Footer Style
  • Traditional: ???
  • Modern: ???
  • Transparent: ???

Step 3: Add Website Maintenance

Available for any website including cPanel above, and 3rd-Party hosting, but best paired with our Managed Wordpress plan above.



Monthly Fee
For cPanel, see prices at
Included Flex-Time
For content changes, ongoing project work, and remediation of watch services. Add flex-time to plan for $85/hour.
Regular Hourly Rate (Reg. $110/hour)
Rate applied to any work performed during business hours (Mon-Fri, 8-5).
Email Blacklist Watch
Keep your email delivery rates high and your online reputation safe. We monitor both domain and IP.

Included Coding Features

The following "checked" coding tasks are included at no charge; otherwise, billed hourly.
.htaccess Browser Caching*
We will implement and maintain browser caching in the .htaccess file.
HTTP to HTTPS Rediect*
We will implement and maintain HTTP to HTTPS redirection in the .htaccess file. Requires adding an SSL certificate to plan (see addons).
Page Caching*
Page caching using WP Super Cache developed by the makers of Wordpress (Cache=on, test, CDN=enable, Preload=all+tags, then preload).
Memory Object Caching*
Not need with all the other speed options we implement. If needed for a very busy website, we switch from WP Super Cache above to paid version of W3 Total Cache which has this feature built in.
Page Caching*
Page caching for sub-second page response from website server. Wordpress sites only.
Platform, Them and Plugin Updates
Keep your website secure and optimized by keeping up with Wordpress platform, the latest release of your theme, and plugin updates.
Update Resolution
If a platform, theme, or plugin update breaks your website, we will notify you via email and fix the problem right then and there keeping your website up and running with minimal downtime. Billed hourly, but included time used first.
(Billed Hourly)
*Feature that helps scale your website by spreading features over various resources. Also helps with SEO.

Step 4: Add Ongoing SEO Maintenance ($145/month Yearly Agreement)

No client involvement required for ongoing SEO.

SEO is best when worked monthly by a professional. With our SEO strategy, we use a combination of our experience, current white-hat SEO practices, and best-of-breed tools. Our tools include myHostCafe SEO tools, our premium SEO Pro plugin (included), and Jetpack SEO tools (included with Jetpack Premium whish is required). Of course, our best SEO tool is our experience. For example, SEO is optimized based on the actual unique content of your pages. No one can force a high ranking for content not on your page, nor for common content. In 2019, it's important to avoid duplicate content like landing pages which were very important just a few years ago. This is just one example of our ongoing SEO expertise.

Requirements: Any hosting, but Premium or Pro Jetpack required, a standard SSL certificate ($5/mo), and our Website Maintenance plan.

1x SEO Included in plan:
  • Better Page Titles: Up to 60 characters, like Computer Repair | Windows Server | Prestwood IT Solutions
  • Prestwood Backlinks: Setup backlinks and information on our family of websites to cross advertise your web presence.
Monthly SEO Health Check and tune-up.
  • Page Load Time Analysis.
  • Wordpress Specific SEO: Install and maintain Google Analytics for Wordpress and SEO for Wordpress plugins.
  • myHostCafe SEO??: ???...research...




Registration Audit
Performed each January. Current best practice is to register a domain at least 5 years out. A website domain expiring soon is in doubt and gets a lower ranking.
SEOPress Pro Edition
Included. We provide our premium agency-level SEO Pro tool--available in your Dashboard and we use it for all sites signed up for our ongoing SEO plan. This tool is not a magic bullet, but it does help significantly with the technical details of SEO.
Google Verification
Setup and audited quarterly. Includes Search Console and Local Business verification.
Bing Verification
Setup and audited quarterly.
Sitemap Setup & Audit
Maintained as SEO best practices evolve. A well crafted sitemap can help your SEO.
Sitemap Page Setup & Audit
If appropriate for your website, we will add a sitemap page listing all the pages of your website. The purpose of this page is to allow visitors to see a listing of all pages. Helps with SEO too.
WooCommerce Specific SEO
Available. ???
Digital Downloads Specific SEO
Available. ???
Updated Website
[Optional] Once a month, we will make a minor design change to your home page and/or theme. In addition, we will make a minor content change to your home page and one other page. The purpose of this service is to keep your website content changing and evolving. Helps with SEO. Currently, Google considers any page not updated for six months old. Old pages are weighted lower than newer pages.
robots.txt SEO Best Practices
Maintained as SEO best practices evolve. A poorly crafted robots.txt can kill your SEO.
.htaccess SEO Setup & Audit
Maintained as SEO best practices evolve. A poorly crafted .htaccess can kill your SEO.
Schema SEO Best Practices
Using Schema Pro for products, services, and local business.
Custom Schema SEO
Additional schema setup available including for reviews, person, jobs, courses, software, etc.
As Needed (Billed Hourly)
SEO Content Development
We can work with you to optimize your content including page and post titles, page length, readability, etc.
As Needed (Billed Hourly)
Popular Content Updates
We can work with you to track your most popular pages and posts and make sure they are updated every six months.
As Needed (Billed Hourly)

Step 5: Social Media Setup + Guidance (Billed Hourly)

Client involvement and take-over REQUIRED after setup.

The key to successful social media is showing up! If you post and reply consistently and timely, you will be successful.

We will set you up and guide you on the following:
  • On website blogging using WordPress.
    • If blogging, Pinterest is a good addition to your social media strategy.
  • Micro-Blogging using Twitter.
  • Social Networking using Facebook and/or LinkedIn.
  • Video blogging on your YouTube channel.
  • Sharing Photos on Instagram.

Note: It is MUCH better to do one thing well, then to try to do it all!

Step 6: WordPress Training (Billed Hourly)

We will show you how to use the portal, and the Wordpress desktop and mobile apps to edit page content and create and edit blog posts. Optionally, we can show you how to edit pages and blog posts using the Wordpress Dashboard as well. Control when you want it, help when you need it.

  • Using the WordPress Dashboard.
  • Creating blog posts.
    • Using the WordPress Dashboard to edit blogs (and maybe even pages with Elementor Pro).
    • Using the WordPress Desktop application for blogging* -- best choice!
    • Using website for blogging*.
  • Sharing blog posts on social media.
  • Micro-blogging with Twitter.
  • *Note, because we use Elementor Pro for advanced modern page design, you cannot use the Wordpress app to edit pages we create. You can use Elementor Pro within your Dashboard, but it is best to forward changes to us.
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