Managed Backup

Managed Backup.

Part of disaster recovery is monitoring your current backup solution!

This service includes onsite local HD backup using Microsoft Backup with differential turned on.

  • Setup & Config to HD (HD Not Included)
  • Monitoring
  • Updates
  • Scheduled Jobs
Setup: Setup & Config to HD included with Silver and Gold plans (HD Not Included). For Bronze, setup is billed at your hourly rate.


Pricing depends on your service level:
  • None/Bronze (A-La-Carte) = N/A (requires Pro Agent)
  • Silver = $25/month/server or workstation.
  • Gold = $25/month/workstation. Servers Included in plan. You cannot substitute a server backup for a workstation.


  • Windows 2003+
  • External HD with available space. Because incremental differentials are store, plan on have at least 2x the storage space available. For service: 916-726-5675
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Printed 8/11/2020