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Does your computer have one of the following problems:

  • Slow performance (programs run slower, internet access, or email).
  • Internet Explorer errors or lockups.
  • Excessive popup advertisements.
  • Home page has changed.
1. Common Virus Check
2. AV Tools Check
3. SP Check
4. Audit Device Manager.
5. Audit Event Logs.
6. Audit Windows Updates.
7. Audit HD Space.
8. Pro Recommendataions.

It's possible your computer is infected with a virus or was invaded by spyware and adware. Immediate virus, adware and spyware repair is needed to remove the virus and/or spyware, adware from your computer. You need to protect the privacy of your files and make sure the virus does not infect other computers.

Checkup: Always FREE!

8 Point Inspection

Our checkup is always FREE. Schedule an appointment if you wish to wait while inspection occurs. Takes about 20 minutes.

If a virus is detected, we'll stop and advise switching to a Computer Tune-Up. Likewise, if the OS is not up to date, we'll stop and recommend a switch to a Speedup-Cleanup.

Checkup, plus...
9. Install Latest SP.
10. Clear Cache & Temp Files.
11. Safe Clean Registry.
12. Audit Startup Programs.
13. Audit Installed Programs.
14. Ask, Clear/Reset IE.

Speedup-Cleanup: $75

14 point inspection

Speedup and cleanup your computer! Service includes having a professional go through your startup programs, installed programs, and services to make sure your computer is running at peak performance. Get the advice of a professional today!

Speedup Tuesdays: FREE!!!
Every Tuesday we offer FREE computer cleanups at our shop. Drop off your computer anytime Tuesday and we'll perform our computer cleanup free of charge. Does not include any repairs, nor virus removal.

Speedup-Cleanup, plus...
15. Virus Rootkit Scan/Fix.
16. Virus In-Memory Scan/Fix.
17. Common Virus Scan/Fix.
18. In-Shop=Safe-Mode Scan.

Tune-Up: $165

17 point inspection including virus removal and Prestwood IT Utility Suite

Virus removal first, then optimize system with Speedup-Cleanup. In-shop only, bonus 18th step safe-mode virus scan/fix.

Note: A switch to an Advanced Virus Removal option may be required for very serious virus attacks.

Virus Warranty: 10 Day 100% Guarantee, even if you reinfect your computer! In-shop drop-off only. 90 Day 50% Off Repeat Tune-Up Guarantee, again even if you reinfect your computer! Warranty covers in-shop drop-off only. If we go onsite, our minimum charge applies. Does NOT include severe viruses which require an Advanced Virus Removal option, but you pay only the difference.

Or, FREE Computer Tune-Up: $165 to $250 value down to $0!

FREE when you sign up for Managed Care for Families

Keep your computers running without problems for 2 years! Includes Managed Antivirus, Web Protection, Monitoring, Weekly Maintenance, Monthly Deep Scans, Quarterly Cleanup by one of our engineers, and unlimited in-shop virus removal. Home-users only. In-shop drop-off only. Credit card on file required. Only $25/month for each computer on plan. Includes advanced virus removal options if needed, but not data transfer.

Advanced Virus Removal Options

Options for deeply infected computers. Prices are for in-shop only; onsite, billed hourly.

If our standard Computer Tune-Up fails to resolve a virus, you must choose one of the following:

Advanced Option 1: Tune-Up + Advanced Scans ($225)

For 2+ computers, discounted to $200 each if serviced at the same time.

In-Shop Only! Includes up to 6 Hours for deep virus scans, professional HD Defrag for up to 4 local hard drives, apply ALL available Windows Updates directly from Microsoft and resolve any driver issues, and similar.

Advanced Option 2: Tune-Up + OS Refresh ($200)

Keep most apps and settings.

Reinstallation of OS using Upgrade Process (Win7+). Apply OS SP. After SP, apply 1 cycle of online updates. Install hardware drivers on computer ONLY. No ext devices such as printers, scanners etc. Reinstallation of any broken apps billed separately.

Advanced Option 3: Tune-Up + OS Reinstall ($250)

Keep HD data. Loose apps. Risky because data still might be infected

Reinstallation of OS using install process. Apply OS SP. After SP, apply 1 cycle of online updates. Install hardware drivers on computer ONLY. No ext devices such as printers, scanners etc. Install Prestwood IT Utility Suite (if approved). Run standard virus removal programs on all local hard drives. Like new computer with your potentially infected data. App installs billed hourly.

Advanced Option 4: Tune-Up Switch to Format Reinstall ($165) Recommended sure-fire solution!

Kind of like a new computer. Installation of apps billed hourly. Internet, email, printing must be setup again. Billed hourly.

Image OS (saved for a minimum of 10 days). Format drive. Reinstallation of OS. Apply OS SP. After SP, apply 1 cycle of online updates. Install hardware drivers on computer ONLY. No ext devices such as printers, scanners etc.

Virus Removal / HD Imaging: Prestwood IT makes a good faith effort to store hard drive images for a minimum of 10 days at no charge.

Note: Data Transfer fee extra.

Data Transfer: $165 or hourly.

Backup your data from one computer and restore it to another computer.

Included Standard Files: Desktop, My Documents, IE Bookmarks, Email, My Pictures, Outlook Auto Lookup, and My Music. Additional files billed hourly. On-site data transfer is limited to 20GB of data. Actual time used above 20GB will be billed.

Advanced Diagnostics: $125

In-Shop Only! Includes up to 4 Hours.

Details: As needed per situation. We use our advanced software and hardware diagnostic tools and analyis techniques to define and fix complicated issues. For example, testing of power supply, failing hard drive, driver conflicts, etc. Performed in-shop only as a team using our advanced software and hardware tools. For service: 916-726-5675
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