VB.Net Programmer Services

Get control of your coding needs using our professional services.

1. New VB.Net Applications

Developing software requires an experienced team that understands how your business works. Prestwood Software, a leader in software development process, specializes in end-to-end software development. We use industry best practices combined with our Prestwood Software Development Process to ensure a quality work product. There is NO NEED to outsource offshore, solve your software development challenges with our services. We can turn your vision into a tangible solution.

  • PSC .Net Framework - Our optional .Net Framework for building feature-rich robust n-tier database applications.

Dedicated Developer
Included Time
Dev Environment
Version Control

2. VB.Net Maintenance Coding

3. VB.Net Conversion Projects

If you need to convert an application to VB.Net, Prestwood can help.

If you want to convert from VB.Net, talk to us because we would like to hear why. The only reasons we can think of are...

  • your company wants to standardize on another leading language such as C#, Java, Delphi, or C++.
  • your company wants to move to native code application development using tools such as Delphi for Win32 and C++.
  • your company wants to move to Java to take advantage of the cross-platform nature of the JVM.

If so, we can help. If you want to do something else, talk to us and let's see if Prestwood is a good fit.

As a demonstration of our skills, we invite you to view our VB.Net Conversion Guides. These guides were developed by us (primarily by Mike Prestwood and our team). We are experts in the languages we support.
Visit www.prestwood.com to review our 12+ VB.Net conversion guides.

4. Personal Developer Support

Are you an VB.Net developer? Do you sometimes want expert advice? Sometimes it's nice to have a co-developer to assign tasks to, take over development of certain areas, ask questions of and bounce ideas off of. Open a Support Account now and we'll assign a developer to work with you and you can also consult with Mike Prestwood on an as needed basis.

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