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Access VBA Programmer Services

Get control of your coding needs using our professional services.

We offer 4 Access VBA coding services: New apps, maintenance, conversion, and help.

1. New Access VBA Applications

Microsoft Access is a powerful desktop database that allows us to build you a solution that will share your database with coworkers over your network.

Access may be the right tool for your next project especially if you favor a Desktop Database approach. However, you need to be sure to use the right tool for the right job. There are things you should consider BEFORE choosing ANY tool. Call us today for a FREE consultation with Mike Prestwood to discuss your project and tool selection. Mike Prestwood is our President & CEO, and author of six programming books.

Dedicated Developer
Included Time
Dev Environment
Version Control

2. Access VBA Maintenance Coding

It usually makes sense to leave legacy MS Access apps in Access especially if you prefer a Desktop Database approach or don't have the budget for a conversion. The problem is finding programmers that can program in that tool. Luckily, Prestwood can fulfill your legacy programming needs. If your business doesn't have a computer department or your computer department is over extended, Prestwood can help. Use your support account for code audits, to get developer help, complete projects and for maintenance type work.

3. Access VBA Conversion Projects

If you're looking to convert your existing Microsoft Access application to a leading technology, Prestwood can help.

We can convert your existing Microsoft Access application to another technology such as Borland Delphi or Visual Studio.Net (C# or VB.Net). In addition, we can convert your application into a web application or extend your Access desktop application with a website. For websites we use either ASP Classic, ASP.Net, or PHP.

As a demonstration of our skills, we invite you to view our Access VBA Conversion Guides. These guides were developed by us (primarily by Mike Prestwood and our team). We are experts in the languages we support.

4. Personal Developer Support

Your Access VBA co-developer!

Are you an Access VBA developer? Do you sometimes want expert advice? Sometimes it's nice to have a co-developer to assign tasks to, take over development of certain areas, ask questions of and bounce ideas off of. Open a Support Account now and we'll assign a developer to work with you and you can also consult with Mike Prestwood on an as needed basis.

Access VBA Tools/Versions Supported

We support all versions of MS Access from Access 97 to the current version of Access. However, our developers usually only have Access 2003 and 2007 installed so if you need us to help you with Access 2000 (for example), we can, but will need to install it.


From same day for emergencies to a week or two for a full development team.

Personal Developer Support: For a single developer resource, we can frequently provide help the same day it's needed. However, call Mike at 916-726-5675 x205 for current availability.
Maintenance: For task oriented work, we generally can provide a resource within 1 to 3 days and sometimes the same day too. Call for current availability.
New Projects: For new projects, conversions, and larger maintenance projects, we generally can put together a development team from 1 to 5 resources within one to three weeks. For larger teams, we may need a bit more time.
The roles we define for each project are:
  • Executive Sponsor (you),
  • User Participant (you or someone on your staff that can work on the details with us),
  • Project Manager (shared or dedicated depending on project size),
  • Analyst,
  • Developer(s),
  • and Tester(s).
For smaller projects, two or more of these roles can be performed by a single resource.

Your custom software is YOUR intellectual property.

PSDP Online is part of your institutional memory.

Getting Started

Flexible Payment Options
Our payment options are flexible because we want you to be comfortable working with us. Although we happily complete single projects, our goal is to establish a long term business relationship with you as part of your custom software solutions. We offer traditional payment options as well as our Support Account.
Work with Mike Prestwood, our world class developers,
and our PSDP Online database to complete your tasks and projects.
We are located near Sacramento, CA and work with our clients remotely using our online system. We can handle all of your software development needs including a single 2 hour task, a $10k project, a $400k project, and ongoing development. If your business doesn't have a computer department or your computer department is over extended, Prestwood can help. Use Prestwood to complete tasks, start-to-end projects, developer help, and maintenance work.
Get Started Now!
If you're ready to get started, open a Client Account now. However, we understand selecting the right consulting firm is a tough decision that requires discussion prior to selection. We would like you to contact us so that we can participate in your decision. Here at Prestwood we do not engage in strong sales tactics; just honest discussion. Our hope is that through honest discussion you will put some of your development tasks in our hands. Contact us today and allow us to discuss your current and future needs.

Option 1: Online Request Form

To have us contact you via email or phone, take three minutes or so and fill out our automated On-Line Request form.

Project Outsourcing Request Form

Option 2: Call Or Email Us Now!

We can discuss the feasibility of your needs and possible solutions. Call Mike Prestwood at the following number:

1-916-726-5675 x205

Or contact Mike via email at:

Find an Access VBA Programmer (programming, coding service)

Microsoft Access VBA coding service. Hire an MS Access programmer for new Access applications and maintenance. We are an American company that keeps jobs in America (no H-1B, nor off shoring).

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