Simple S.O.A.P.

Doctor Insurance SOAP Notes

This application demonstrates our ability to build commercial stand-alone database applications. This application was written in Delphi with Paradox tables for the backend. The purpose of the application was to assist doctors in the entry of patient visit information for insurance purposes. As the doctor enters standard abbreviations into the various categories, the S.O.A.P. Note is automatically updated with technical descriptions of the patient's visit.

Main Screen

This screenshot is the main application screen. The top portion of the interface is for entry of the patient's file number, their name, their doctor and their medical record number. The left hand portion of the screen is where the categories are listed that a doctor would use during the patient's visit and the remainder of the screen is where the S.O.A.P. Note is automatically created. At any time, the doctor is free to modify the contents of the note with standard word processing functions.
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