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Web Server Load Balancer

Custom Website Load Balancer

broker_main.gif (13598 bytes)We call this product the Prestwood Web Broker. It was developed using Borland Delphi 5 (then upgraded to 6) for a highly visible government agency to load balance any size of website. You can load balance the largest sites with this application. The Broker performs load balancing by routing HTTP requests to the service with the least pending messages. Browsers access the URL and port number of the Broker, and the Broker routes them to web servers based on its configuration.


Help File (80 KB) - If you're curious about the details of this application, you can download the windows help file for more information.

Quick Overview

Configuration consists of specifying the default port of the Broker, and the routing. The file must be named "broker.cfg" and reside in the same subdirectory as the Broker executable. (These are the only two files required to run the Broker.) A sample configuration file is:

* Broker Config File
@ActivateOnStart = true

@DefaultPort = 84
@SiteDownUrl =

news ,/cgi-bin/ ,
news ,/cgi-bin/ ,
,/admin.html ,
,/ ,

The user interface contains the following options

  • Listen Port: Specifies the HTTP port to listen on. Default is configurable. Standard HTTP uses port 80.
  • Enable Log: Toggles logging to the screen on and off
  • Enable Header Log: Toggles verbose logging of message headers on and off
  • Log to File: Toggles logging to file "broker.log" on and off. Be careful not to leave this on because it might fill up the hard drive.
  • Help: Display help
  • Clear Display: Blank the screen.
  • Reread Config: Refread the configuration file to change routingf
  • Display Routing: Displays the routing configuration and message stats


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