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WordPerfect Office 2000 for Linux

Mike Prestwood Chapter Contributions

ISBN: 0-07-212238-2
Mike Prestwood contributed four chapters to this book and although his contribution was 15% of the book, he did not receive author credit. Mike is briefly acknowledged in the Acknowledgments on page XXI as writing "most" of the Paradox material (he actually wrote all of the Paradox material).

Forward by Michael Cowpland

I think it is interesting to read the words Dr. Cowpland wrote back in 1999 and his excitement about supporting Linux. Too bad the financial bubble burst and he couldn't follow though.

Forward from book...

With the availability of WordPerfect Office 2000 for Linux, there now exists a powerful suite of desktop applications designed specifically for Linux users. The outstanding combination of programs in the WordPerfect Office 2000 for Linux suite puts Corel out in the front as a leader of Linux technology on the desktop and brings us closer to the use of Linux in the mainstream.
    WordPerfect Office 2000 for Linux is a comprehensive office productivity suite for Linux users who are seeking a powerful and compatible solution at an exceptional value. In bringing WordPerfect to the Linux platform, Corel provides a powerful and easy-to-use word processor that's familiar to millions and adds in the full-featured power of Quattro Pro, Corel Presentations, Paradox, and CorelCENTRAL. Together these applications bring familiar tools and integrated power to end users around the world!
    Osborne/McGraw-Hill and Corel Corporation work closely together to publish books on Corel products so we can provide readers with timely, insightful, and helpful guides to help users get the most out of Corel's products. The Official Guides to Corel software represents a giant step in Corel's ability to disseminate information to our users with the help pf Osborne/McGraw-Hill and the creation of the CorelPRESS series of books. Congratulations to the team at Osborne who have created this excellent book, and congratulations to the team at Corel who supported the creation of this book!
Michael C.J. Cowpland
President and CEO
Corel Corporation
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