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Prestwood Software Development Process (PSDP)

PSDP is the standard our client portal is based on.

Your company's custom software is YOUR intellectual property.
This online PSDP database is part of your institutional memory.

PSDP Project tickets offer you visibility into the work we're doing for you. If a task grows into a project, we use our PSDP software development process along with this online database for tracking your project including tasks, requirements, test scripts, defects, etc. The enterprise modeling view ties together multiple applications and multiple projects. This online database serves as a permanent knowledge base for the work we do for you. Also, you have full access to this database so you can add and edit information yourself which can save both time and money.

Your company's websites and custom software is YOUR intellectual property.
Our ticket system is part of your institutional memory.

Getting Started

Everthing you need is online!

If your ready to assign a task, small project, or need an estimate, you can open an account and submit an issue now.

  1. Open a Support Account - Cost is $25 plus 4 prepaid hours at a discounted rate. NO other obligation!
  2. Submit a Ticket

Of course, if you wish to speak with us prior to opening an account, call Mike Prestwood at 916-726-5675 x205 now.

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Submit a Ticket

Each ticket represents a request. You can edit and attach information to it, and, if your ticket grows into a project, we convert your ticket to a project ticket where we capture requirements, design, tasks, test scripts, defects, etc. Best of breed online tracking!!!

New Ticket Tickets & Agreements

Enterprise Modeling

Enterprise modeling is about discovering and documenting the custom software needs of a company or organization. Enterprise modeling gives you a listing of past, present, and future applications. To get started, select New App to start modeling the custom and commercial applications your company uses.

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PSDP - Got Process?

Learn more about PSDP.

Prestwood IT Solutions Process (PSDP) is the process driving project tickets and is available separately for your use.

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Community Groups

Join our PS Clients and our PSDP & Process groups and stay up to date!

PSDP, Process, and Project Management Group Stay up to date on project management and software development process.
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