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This is not much of a introduction to the "topic" as much as it is an introduction to me, Vernon E. Peets, as I am the one that chivvied Mike into adding this entire top level branch in the Prestwood KnowledgeBase. I started out programming mainframe computers using punch cards (you kids might want to look that up someday). Programming then was a way to process data, nothing more. The "User Interface" at the time would, likely, scare the whole lot of you. A late 1970's "server" would fill a fairly large office and be plumbed more like a walk-in refrigerator than anything else.

I'm going to create topics that are important to me. Defining my approach to the “business end” of computing; the server-side of the equation. What to use, how to use it, how to set it up so you don't have to spend the next few months watching it or waiting for it to crash. Automating the niggling things that nobody remembers that will certainly come back to haunt everyone.

Bryan Valencia and I have argued many points over the years. It is interesting in one way in addition to the topic in question; that we approach things from such differing directions. We have had entirely different experiences. He's one of you (insert crotchety old man snickers) new fangled whippersnappers using yer gooey tools. You wouldn't know how to program if those vile snots in Redmond didn't put a video game on top. I'm the command line dinosaur in the corner.

Therefore, I am also issuing a challenge to all that read this stuff. I'll suggest all sorts of nonsense that you can argue is basically useless and that there is another “better” way. I encourage vociferous dissent. Bryan thinks this is because I like to argue, in fact, it is how I learn to do things better. Different approaches means thinking of the problems in different ways. Perhaps, better solutions are the result...


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