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40 Hour Block Regular Rate (use anytime)
by Prestwood
Purchase a block of 40 hours (1 work week) and use them within 1 year.

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 40 Hour Block Regular Rate (use anytime)
Vendor: Prestwood

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  • Purchase a block of 40 hours (1 work week) and use them within 1 year.

    Can I pay with a check?
    Yes, when you checkout, specify offline order or just send payment to us.

    When does my pre-paid rate start?
    The same day we receive payment.

    The Fine Print:

    • Pre-Paid Regular Rate hours apply ONLY to your Regular Rate hours. The Travel Rate is always just $55.
    • To take advantage of this offer, you MUST use our online store to purchase pre-paid hours or contact Nicole to arrange for check payments or automatic credit card payments.
    • Any pre-paid money will be applied to any unpaid balance at the rate of the invoice prior to applying remaining money to new work. This means you may want to first pay any outstanding balance prior to purchasing pre-paid hours.
    • You must schedule the start of the work within one year of date of purchase.
    • Pre-paid hours expire one year after purchase date. This means you must use up all pre-paid hours within one year of the date of purchase. No refunds on pre-paid hours.
    • The pre-paid support hours apply to any work done on or after the date of purchase. Sorry, pre-paid hours do NOT apply to past work.
    • To receive the continuous rate, all resources assigned must be allowed to use the hours continuously as their schedule allows. You should assume you need to assign work based on continuous 8 hour a days, five days a week) and you must assign and authorize enough work for them to work continuously.
    • If you do not have continuous work or if you fail to provide continuous work, remaining balance from that point will be applied to the next highest "use anytime" rate. For example, if you pre-pay for 120 hours at the prepaid rate of $81 per hour. We start the work and then you stop the work after just a few hours. The rate raises to the appropriate use anytime rate (for example $88 per hour). We will still honor your retainer.
    • For certain work requiring highly specialized personnel or technology, Prestwood reserves the right, with your approval, to charge appropriately for such expertise.

    • We reserve the right to refuse the selling of pre-paid hours to anyone for any reason. If we refuse your order, we will refund your money.

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