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Prestwood Coding Convention (PCC) Q&A. Add your suggestions, ask questions, etc.

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Mike Prestwood
PCC: Style Sheet Standards
Don't use !important attribute. The CSS1 specification explicitly provides users the ability to override server-side style rules. This override, known as the !important attribute, is integral to CSS' ability to accommodate users' special requirements when rendering a page. A low-vision reader, for instance, might wish to specify an !important rule specifying a minimum font size for all documents. , , By implication, server-side style sheets -- your style sheets -- should never attempt to use the !important attribute. If you ever find yourself tempted to "override the override," by using the !important attribute in your style sheets, remind yourself that the ultimate user override is always as close as that handy little [BACK] button.
21 years ago
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good idea
19 years ago
Nothing New Since Your Last Visit

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Mike Prestwood
PCC: WebMaster Standards
Page Content Suggestion, Know your audience. , , 1. If your audience is professionals and your content is serious, stay with a nearly all text based content with just a few added graphics., , 2. If your audience is ALL web browsers (for example with a store), then go ahead and use graphics but stay away from leading edge technology (as of January 2001 that would include DHTML)., , 3. If your intention is to dazzle your audience or you're fairly certain nearly all visitors will have a "modern" browser, then you can use leading edge technology as part of your content.
21 years ago
Nothing New Since Your Last Visit

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Mike Prestwood
PCC: WebMaster - Graphics
[b]Graphics Suggestion[/b], [list], , , [*]Use as view colors as possible. , , [*]For images with viewer than 256 colors, use an interlaced gif., , [*]If possible, use the web safe color pallete (also known as the browser safe pallete)., , [*]For images with more than 256 colors, use the JPG format and compress as much as possible., , [/list]
21 years ago
Nothing New Since Your Last Visit

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