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JBuilder Topic

Borland JBuilder. Build Java applications, applets, JSP/Servlets, JavaBeans, Enterprise JavaBeans and distributed J2EE applications.

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JBuilder 4 vs JBuilder 3
I mainly use JBuilder 3 for my Java development (mainly servlets and applets). In order to take advantage of the newer Java technologies, I realize I will have to move to JBuilder 4 (or a competing product). We have some people using JBuilder 3.5 and it is a buggy, resource-hogging disaster (much worse than 3...), so I was wondering what other people's thoughts were on moving to 4. , I have played around a bit in 4 and noticed a few minor annoyances (the scroll button doesn't work for one!). Anything else you can warn me about?
19 years ago
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9 months ago
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Joakim Haglund
Farsi in forms
Hi, , How to write farsi language in JBuilder 6 forms?, Some characters cannnot be displayed correctly., , Best Regards, Mahdi
18 years ago
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{Too Long!}
21 months ago
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brian p kim
JBuilder vs. C++Builder
Please refer to my post in "C++, Java and simple stuff.", , What do I want to do? I don't know. I'm not working from a project spec or an RFP. I'm just wondering want I might consider to advance my understanding of handling digital content., , I don't wish to enter the .Net environment. I'ld like to maintain some independance from any vendor., , How might I compare? I visit the Borland site regularly and the newsgroups, but I can't figure the difference. For example, what's the difference between applets and components? I'm interested in writing simple-minded and discrete apps - both at home on Win 98, and at work, Win NT4 and Win 2000. , , Thanks.
19 years ago
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brian p kim
{Too Long!}
19 years ago
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Anyone in?
Just thought I'd pop in from the vitual neolithicosities of the Paradox Boards and offer my condolences upon becoming a moderator. , Big Grin! rt
19 years ago
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Good question. popped up nothing..., , :/
19 years ago
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