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Wireless Warehouse
I have some warehouses filled with products, and a database showing locations within containing different products., , I'm migrating the databases to SQL Server in order to provide access to the data using a wireless, portable data terminal., , This device initiates a telnet session to the SQL Server and after logging in, provides a command prompt on the server. I want to create a VT100-capable menu for these users. It must allow entry of variable-length product codes so that employees can search for warehouse locations to find a product., , What is the best way to do this?, , TIA , , Darron
19 years ago
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Perry Godfrey
Access XP ADP output Excel Files from Stored Proce
I converted an Access datebase to SQL 2000 and some queries needed to be changed to stored procedures. Upon doing this, I cannot export this data like I normally do in code: DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acExport, 8, QryText, strSaveFileName, True, "" , , Any help would be great. Thank you, Perry Godfrey
20 years ago
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MS SQL and MS Access project.
How do you reference a value on a form in MS Access Project in a view or stored procedure?, , Say you have a view that looks up employer information using the value thats passed as a parameter in the employee ID field., I want that parameter to get its value from a text box on a form. How do I do that?, , Please Help!!! Confused
20 years ago
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