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ASPMail AddCC function
I am trying to use the ASPMail AddCC function and am unable to. I currently have AddRecipient and AddBCC, which are both working fine. When I added the AddCC the mail will not send now. Here is a cut from my code:, , if (emailrecp <>"") then, Mailer.AddRecipient emailrecp, emailrecp, if ccfunction <>"" then, Mailer.AddCC ccfunction, ccfunction, end if , if emailbcc <>"" then, Mailer.AddBCC sendername, emailbcc, end if , Mailer.RemoteHost = Application("SMTPMailHost"), Mailer.BodyText = Msg, Mailer.Subject = Sbj, Mailer.SendMail, End If, , The variables are passing the correct values but the email is not being sent. If I removed the AddCC function I added then it works fine, except without the CC address. Do I need a specific version of ASPMail on the server to make this work?
22 years ago
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