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Julia Bertschinger
Prestwood IT
Citrus Heights, CA USA

Real Name:  Julia Bertschinger
Primary Role:  Tester
Title:  Programmer Analyst
Company:  Prestwood IT Solutions
Prestwood Staff:  Regular Member
Joined: Nov 2009 (13 years ago)
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Birthday:  September 19

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Julia Bertschinger
1. Its vs. it's

"It's" always means "it is."

"It's," unlike pretty much all other words with an apostrophe and an "s", does not ever indicate a possessive.

"Its" is the possessive, strangely enough.

"It's a good program.": The same as "It is a good program."

"It's features are impressive.": The same as "It is features are impressive," which is wrong.

"Its features are impressive.": Correct!

Posted to KB Topic: Grammar
13 years ago
(2 Comments , last by John.s8 )

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Looks good! Just a few nit-picky questions: In the Local on-site and remote services section, it says:  "Backups - Offsite Online Backup service." Should the words Online and Backup be capitalized? Offsite and Onsite are spelled both with a hyphen and without one. Inconsistency when saying "1 hour", "2-hour", "30-minute" with whether hyphens are used or not. In green box at top, should it say "For small- to medium- sized businesses,"? In Pay-As-YouGo Pricing, in Regular Off-site: $99 section, the word "Under" should not be capitalized. Maybe a little confusing to put Prepaid price under Pay-As-You-Go section? If it's prepaid, then it's not Pay-As-You-Go?
Posted 12 years ago
Prestwood Brochures (new computer support)
New computer support brochure!!! Printable versions of our brochures and flyers in PDF format.

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Julia Bertschinger
1. Teaching old thumbs new tricks - Tech Writing Blog

When I took a typing classs (not a keyboarding class, and yes, I know that dates me) I was taught that words had one space between them and sentences had two spaces in between them. Therefore, my thumbs, whose only job was to hit the space bar, learned that when a period was the last key typed, they had to hit the space bar twice instead of only once. They were good at this and were quite proud of their skill.

Now the rules have changed. The convention, especially for�material to be read on a screen, is that sentences have only one space between them. My thumbs have been rebelling. When I type, they want to put TWO spaces after a period. When I am typing something formal, in addition to checking my spelling and grammar, I also need to�check how many spaces are between each sentence.

Luckily, my thumbs are starting to adjust, and I am finding fewer and fewer double spaces between sentences. Thumbs can learn new tricks.

Posted to KB Topic: General, Getting Started, etc.
12 years ago, and updated 50 months ago
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