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Real Name:  Isaac [Hidden Last Name]
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Joined: Jan 2005 (19 years ago)
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I use SQL server CE and VS.NET to develop application on pocket pc 2003 I have on my db about 8000 record and when I try to load the application it takes about 15 min to load is there a solution to load data faster, , thanks
19 years ago

Have you put a primary key on the table? Sounds like it's not indexed.
19 years ago
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SQL Parsing string field
I have a field called Expire_Date that contains dates like that, "MM-YY" (M=month, Y=Year) and I need to do a simple select to , get all the records that have expire date less than or equal to, 6 month from the current computer date, , I can't iterate throw the whole table it is very big I need to do a select, I use Delphi 6 with Interbase 6, thanks
Posted to MB Topic: Delphi Single User Apps « Delphi Board
19 years ago
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