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excel updates access db
Hi sorry if this question is insanely stupid, but I have a client who wants to use his excel spreadsheet to enter data for use on the web. I have linked the spreadsheet to an access DB and have linked the DB to a Flash front end( via ASP) so certain clients of his can get the data they need on the web. , , What I don't know how to do is write a macro or App that takes his data in excel and updates the DB on the webserver every morning at 9am. Should I have the DB in his office computer and have asp look on his office computer for the data, or should I just have the DB on the webserver (not in his office) and have excel update it remotely. Again forgive me if this is completely obvious, I'v e been teaching myself ASP and Access on the fly for this project and am a little over my head as usual, , Rh, [EMAIL][/EMAIL]
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18 years ago
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Microsoft Access

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I have been given the task of developing an online contact database for my company. Our NT server is using MS SQL 7.0 but they want me to test it on my Win 98 Laptop before trying it out on the server. I am trying to to develop the ASP using Ultradev but it tells me I need MS PWS which of course I can't find on Microsoft's site. In short I have quite a few newbie questions to be answered. Can anyone suggest some links outside of Webmonkey to help? Biggest question facing me, don't have Access or any other database other than ACT! and Excel(I know a spreadsheet program) on the laptop, is it possible to fudge a demo together using either of these? Thanks for any help!, , Rh
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20 years ago

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20 years ago
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