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Prestwood IT Newsletter Oct 2015 Issue - Delphi Edition


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  October 2015 - Delphi Edition (754 of 4,788 subscribers receive this group's content.) Year 17 Issue 10  
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Web & Marketing Services Info topic:
Domain Transfer
by Gerald Renton

Transfer domain to One or more years is added to your domain registration usually at $9.99/year (i.e. .com price). A minimum of only 1 year needs to be added to transfer.

Coding Services Info topic:
Project Management
by Mike Prestwood

Project management. Generally project management ranges from 10% to 30% of a project budget. However, the amount of project management required depends on the project.

IT Water-Cooler for Power-Users topic:
Windows GREP - Great Tool
by Wes Peterson

You know (or think) the file is out there.  You have a pretty good idea about one or two things that are (or ought) to be in it.  Find it fast with Windows GREP.

 Delphi Group Top 
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OOP topic (classic post):
Delphi Class..Object (class..end..Create)
by Mike Prestwood

Declare your class in the Interface section. Then implement the class in the Implementation section.

Language Basics topic (classic post):
A 10 Minute Delphi Console App Quick Start
by Mike Prestwood

Create a classic "Hello, World" Windows native code Console App using Delphi. This tutorial is based on Borland Developer Suite 2006 but you can use any version of Delphi you wish. In this tutorial, you will create a classic "Hello, World!" windows console application. A console application is a type of Windows application that has FULL access to the Win32 API, but it's GUI is limited to a DOS-like text window. When Windows starts a console application, it creates a text-mode console window where the program can display text and the user can interact with the program via the keyboard.

 Monthly Delphi Lesson
OOP Topic:
Code Snippet of the Month

You specify an interface in the type block just like you do for a class but you use the interface keywoard instead of the class keyword and in the interfaces section only. Since interfaces, by definition, do not have any implementation details, all you do is specifiy it in the type block.

//Language interface:
//Interface section of unit.
IHuman = Interface(IInterface)

  //Specify interface methods and properties here.

TCyborg = class(TInterfacedObject)
TCyborgHuman = class(TCyborg, IHuman)

//Specify each here and implement in
//implementation section.
Delphi for Win32 Topic:
Resource Link of the Month: Dr. Bob 42
A popular, and charming, website containing the latest news, press releases, articles, book reviews, tools, third-party tool reviews, and news on conferences & training using Delphi for Win32, Delphi for .NET, Delphi for PHP, Kylix (Delphi for Linux), C++Builder (Delphi for C++) & C#Builder as well as ASP.NET, XML, SOAP and Web Services.
Using Controls Topic:
FAQ of the Month: TEdit OnChange events
Question: I have a form with two TEdit components on it. For the OnChange event for both, it clears the contents of the TEdit that is not changing. However, when clearing on TEdit the OnChange fires and clears the other TEdit, this then causes the OnChange in the other TEdit to fire. Fortunately, the second time the OnChange hits the original TEdit, it is already clear and nothing happens. How can I prevent the circular event firing?


The simplest way to prevent the circular event firing is to check the form's ActiveControl property. This property indicates which component currently has the focus.

The OnChange event should read as follows:

procedure TForm1.EditChange(Sender: TObject);
if TEdit(Sender).Name <> TEdit(ActiveControl).Name then
       // do processing
Using Data Topic:
Tip of the Month
Before adding many new entries to a TStringList, set its Sorted property to false. Add all your entries. Finally, set the Sorted property back to True (if desired). Sorting is expensive, in terms of macnine cycles. By leaving the Sorted property set to True, you force the TStingList to re-sort itself after each entry. This can significantly slow things down. This applies to TStrings, as well, and all components that have a TStrings property, like TListBox, etc.

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