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Prestwood IT Newsletter Oct 2014 Issue - Delphi Edition


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Web & Marketing Services Info topic:
Domain Transfer
by Gerald Renton

Transfer domain to One or more years is added to your domain registration usually at $9.99/year (i.e. .com price). A minimum of only 1 year needs to be added to transfer.

Coding Services Info topic:
Project Management
by Mike Prestwood

Project management. Generally project management ranges from 10% to 30% of a project budget. However, the amount of project management required depends on the project.

IT Water-Cooler for Power-Users topic:
Windows GREP - Great Tool
by Wes Peterson

You know (or think) the file is out there.  You have a pretty good idea about one or two things that are (or ought) to be in it.  Find it fast with Windows GREP.

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BDE topic (classic post):
A 10 Minute Delphi 2009 Paradox BDE TTable Quick Start
by Mike Prestwood

This KB Post addresses accessing Paradox tables through the BDE using TDatasource, TTable, and TDBGrid. This tutorial was updated for Delphi 2009 but applies to all versions of Delphi.

Using Controls topic (classic post):
TDBGrid: Rerarranging Columns at Will
by Wes Peterson

Delphi's TDBGrid is an incredibly useful component; one you'd expect to find in any professional development tool.

One of it's handy behaviors is that users can click in column headers and drag to rearrange column ordering to their liking.

Unfortunately, TDBGrid doesn't offer the developer any really easy way to rearrange grid columns from code. This is inconvenient because you might offer the user a choice of various columns upon which they can search, and it would be nice to make their chosen column the leftmost - at least. Often it makes sense to rearrange other columns as well.

This little class allows you to do that.

It has no exposed methods, and only two properties, so it's incredibly easy to use.

Read on to learn how it works and to get the code.

 Monthly Delphi Lesson
Language Details Topic:
Code Snippet of the Month

Object Pascal

  • Operator - Yes. But not Pascal.
  • Method - Yes.  
function Add(a, b: integer): Integer;  overload
Result := a+b;
function Add(const msg: String; a, b: integer): String; overload
  Result := msg + IntToStr(a+b);
Delphi for Win32 Topic:
Resource Link of the Month: DelForEx: A Delphi Code Formatter

Having consistently formatted source code makes life so much easier.

At Prestwood, we are often asked to enhance, update, and maintain Delphi applications created by somebody else. Some of it is well formated; lots of it is just horrible. Before I even start trying to understand the existing code, I let DelForEx have a run at it. And, man, does it ever make a difference.

But it's not just handy for cleaning up somebody else's code. Often, while working on my own code, I'll rearrange blocks of code by cutting and pasting. Often the indentation is way off. DelForEx fixes it pronto.

DelForEx is a free plug-in for the Delphi IDE. Highly recommended. Combined with GExperts, it turns your IDE into a real powerhouse.

OOP Topic:
Question: What is the difference between Protected and Strict Protected visibility?


Protected visibility means members are invisible outside of the unit. In other words, protected members are visible to the class they are declared in as well as descendant classes and any class declared within the unit.

Strict Protected visibility means that protected members within a class are visible ONLY within the class declared and to descendant classes. In OO terms, this is true protected visibility.

Using Data Topic:
Tip of the Month
Before adding many new entries to a TStringList, set its Sorted property to false. Add all your entries. Finally, set the Sorted property back to True (if desired). Sorting is expensive, in terms of macnine cycles. By leaving the Sorted property set to True, you force the TStingList to re-sort itself after each entry. This can significantly slow things down. This applies to TStrings, as well, and all components that have a TStrings property, like TListBox, etc.

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