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Prestwood IT Newsletter Jun 2014 Issue - Delphi Edition


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  June 2014 - Delphi Edition (762 of 4,803 subscribers receive this group's content.) Year 16 Issue 6  
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Help Wanted! topic:
Contribute To The Prestwood Community
by Mike Prestwood
We are always looking for talented developers to participate in our message boards, post articles, etc.

 Delphi Group Top 
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OOP topic (classic post):
Delphi Constructors (constructor)
by Mike Prestwood

In Delphi, use the constructor keyword to signify which method or methods are constructors for a class. It is traditional but not required to use a procedure called Create.

In addition to having multiple named constructors, you can overload constructors.

Delphi for Win32 topic (classic post):
Displaying graphic images in DBGrid components
by Joshua Delahunty

An example of work I did to display a graphic (+ text) in a single column of a DBGrid based on two tables in a Delphi 2006 Application (not limited to later versions of Delphi)

 Monthly Delphi Lesson
OOP Topic:
Code Snippet of the Month

Up until D2005, private and protected were not implemented strictly. Starting with D2005, a traditional strict versions of OOP are supported using the strict keyword. OO purist will want you to use strict private over private and strict protected over protected. I suggest you follow that advice until you both fully understand the differences and have a specific need. Delphi offers a special published specifier which is the same as public members but runtime type information (RTTI) is generated.

TCyborg = class(System.Object)

//Don't use accept when you really want private friendly members.
strict private
//Use as your default private members.
  FName: String;

//Don't use accept when you really want protected friendly members.
strict protected

//Use as your default protected members.

  //RTTI Info

Delphi for Win32 Topic:
Resource Link of the Month: Delphi for Win32 Home Page
CodeGear's Delphi® 2007 for Win32® home page. The RAD visual development environment for WindowsDelphi® 2007 for Win32® The RAD visual development environment for Windows
Language Basics Topic:

What are the benefits of Win32/64 native code such as in Delphi over .Net?


In general terms, native code offers faster potential performance and a smaller footprint but can be more complex to build. Also, native code does not require .Net's runtime -- Common Language Runtime (CLR).

Language Details Topic:
Tip of the Month

Although Object Pascal doesn't have a native associative array, many developers just use a TStringList. Others have implemented a true associative array in Object Pascal. Search the Internet for TStringHash and THashedStringList classes for examples.

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