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Prestwood IT Newsletter Aug 2013 Issue - Delphi Edition


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Delphi for Win32 topic (classic post):
Why Use Delphi To Create ISAPI DLLs?
by Wes Peterson
When it comes to creating "CGI" solutions, we have a plethora of tools from which to choose. Pearl and TCL are old standbys. ASP Classic, ASP .NET, and PHP are other viable tools. Why, then, would you want to take the trouble to use Delphi for some of these tasks?

OOP topic (classic post):
A 10 Minute Your First Delphi Class Quick Start
by Mike Prestwood

Beginners example of creating and using a class. Early versions of Delphi use the standard OO private, protected, and public visibility specifiers plus add published for RTTI info. Later versions of Delphi add strict private and strict protected for a true OO implementation.

 Monthly Delphi Lesson
OOP Topic:
Code Snippet of the Month

Specify Delphi member modifiers as follows:

reintroduce; overload; [binding modifier]; [calling convention]; abstract; [warning]

The binding modifiers are virtual, dynamic, or override. The calling conventions are register, pascal, cdecl, stdcall, or safecall. The warnings are platform, deprecated, or library. Additional directives include reintroduce, abstract, class, static, overload, and message.

TCyborg = class(TObject)
  procedure Speak(pMessage: String); virtual;

TSeries888 = class(TCyborg)
  procedure Speak(pMessage: String); override;
Delphi for Win32 Topic:
Resource Link of the Month: DelForEx: A Delphi Code Formatter

Having consistently formatted source code makes life so much easier.

At Prestwood, we are often asked to enhance, update, and maintain Delphi applications created by somebody else. Some of it is well formated; lots of it is just horrible. Before I even start trying to understand the existing code, I let DelForEx have a run at it. And, man, does it ever make a difference.

But it's not just handy for cleaning up somebody else's code. Often, while working on my own code, I'll rearrange blocks of code by cutting and pasting. Often the indentation is way off. DelForEx fixes it pronto.

DelForEx is a free plug-in for the Delphi IDE. Highly recommended. Combined with GExperts, it turns your IDE into a real powerhouse.

OOP Topic:
FAQ of the Month: Sealed Classes

What is a sealed class?


A class which prevents another class from inheriting from it and/or prevents another class from overriding a member. The concept of making sure a class is the last class in a descendant class tree.

Examples - /ASPSuite/KB/CrossRef.asp?LangID=&ToLangID=&CatID=10&SyntaxID=4

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