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Prestwood IT Newsletter May 2011 Issue - Delphi Edition


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  May 2011 - Delphi Edition (762 of 4,803 subscribers receive this group's content.) Year 13 Issue 5  
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psSendMail DLL topic:
v1.1 Documentation
by Wes Peterson
v1.1 of psSendMail will soon be replaced by v2.

Lighter Side topic:
Scrambled Text
by Mike Prestwood
Apparently if the first and last letters are correct, the rest don't matter.

 Delphi Group Top 
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Language Details topic (classic post):
Using Null Terminated and PChar Strings in Delphi
by Mike Prestwood
How to use Delphi's two varieties of string variables: Pascal strings and PChar strings.

Delphi for Win32 topic (classic post):
Displaying graphic images in DBGrid components
by Joshua Delahunty

An example of work I did to display a graphic (+ text) in a single column of a DBGrid based on two tables in a Delphi 2006 Application (not limited to later versions of Delphi)

 Monthly Delphi Lesson
OOP Topic:
Code Snippet of the Month

In Delphi, use the constructor keyword to signify which method or methods are constructors for a class. It is traditional but not required to use a procedure called Create.

In addition to having multiple named constructors, you can overload constructors.

//Interface section.
TCyborg = class(TObject)

  constructor Create;

Then implement the class constructor in the Implementation section.

constructor TCyborg.Create;

  inherited;  //Call the parent Create method
Delphi for Win32 Topic:
Resource Link of the Month: Book: Delphi 2007 for Win32 Development Essentials

Bob Swart, affectionately known by some of us as "Dr. Bob," has long been a great resource for details about Delphi development.

I'll never forget how, when I first had to write a Windows service in Delphi, Dr. Bob's articles provided the most lucid explanations about all the ugly details of Windows Services.

Swart, being a well recognized Delphi authority, I'll read any thing the good doctor publishes. I'm drooling to get my hands on this one.

OOP Topic:
Question: What is the difference between private and strict private?


Private visibility means members are invisible outside of the unit. In OO terms, this is how Object Pascal implements friendly classes (visibility to the private members of another class). To implement true private members in Delphi 1-7, put each class in a separate unit (most developers didn't bother).

Strict Private visibility means that private members within a class are visible ONLY within the class declared. In OO terms, this is true private visibility.

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