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Prestwood IT Newsletter Apr 2010 Issue - Full Edition

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  April 2010 - Full Edition Year 12 Issue 4  
Your full service technology partner!
From The Editor
Mike Prestwood

Hi all, websites now on a dedicated server!!!   Finally. Sunday April 25th we finished migrating our family of websites to a dedicated server. {#biggrin} Now all our websites should be much more enjoyable to use:

Now that we are no longer running into slowness nor that dreaded 503 error, we can start to re-enable some of the features we disabled. You'll notice the Who's Online box has returned at the bottom of the pages when you're on either or Other community features will return shortly.


Expert guidance from working professionals!
SQL Servers topic (classic post):
General SQL Optimization Tips
by Bryan Valencia

In this article, you will be shown a few generic methods to optimize your SQL queries.  This information is not database-specific (other than in a few places) and should apply to any SQL based database.

PSDP Step 4-Deliver topic (classic post):
PSDP: Step 4 Delivery Overview
by Mike Prestwood
The Delivery of your software can be as simple as us emailing you the installation file or delivery can include on-site installation and training.

Prestwood Portfolio topic (classic post):
EHW Content Manager: Prestwood Portfolio
by Wes Peterson

Employee Handbook Writer, a custom application created by Prestwood for The California Chamber of Commerce, delivers a wealth of crucial legal documents to its end users.

Because of ever-changing legislation and regulations, CA Chamber needs to be able to update EHW's content at least once a year.

EHW Content Manager is a utility Prestwood created to cut this task down to size.

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