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Prestwood IT Newsletter Dec 2009 Issue - ASP Classic Edition


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  December 2009 - ASP Classic Edition Year 11 Issue 12  
Your full service technology partner!
From The Editor

Touch the future with Delphi, C++Builder, and Delphi Prism!

Embarcadero Technologies
RAD Studio 2010 Tour

See What's New in RAD Studio 2010 at a Free Seminar
FREE Event: Sacramento stop this Wednesday! Dec 2.

Technology is moving fast. Learn the secrets to getting the most out of RAD Studio 2010 and new Windows technologies by attending the RAD Studio 2010 Tour in a city near you. These free two-hour technical seminars, led by noted experts David Intersimone, Anders Ohlsson, Nick Hodges, or Mike Rozlog, will give you a firsthand look at new capabilities that will make you more productive and successful with Delphi--, C++Builder--, Delphi Prism-- and Embarcadero-- RAD Studio 2010.

Pizza and Delphi and C++Builder and more!!!

To register, click the city of your choice:

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November 10


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November 19


Sacramento, CA

Wed, December 2


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Prestwood Software
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Los Angeles, CA

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More cities and dates are being added in December. Stay tuned for updates.

You--ll learn how to:

  • Speed your development using new IDE and debugging enhancements
  • Take advantage of new Delphi language features including RTTI
  • Build apps that leverage new Windows-- 7 technologies
  • Touch, multi-touch, and gesture enable your applications with ease
  • Migrate your earlier Delphi projects to Delphi 2010 
  • Rapidly create multi-tier, desktop, and Web applications
  • Improve data and code comprehension and quality

Register today!  All event attendees will receive:

  • Special discounts on Delphi, C++Builder, Delphi Prism, and RAD Studio
  • Entry in a drawing for a free copy of RAD Studio 2010 and other prizes
  • Discount on Delphi training from The DSW Group

Still using Delphi or C++Builder 2005 or earlier?

If you--re still using Delphi or C++Builder 2005 or earlier, your last chance to get current upgrade pricing on version 2010 is December 31, 2009.  Now is a great time to evaluate the new features and capabilities of 2010 and attend the seminar to get tips on upgrading. Don--t miss out.

Featured Speakers:

David I
David Intersimone
VP Developer Relations
& Chief Evangelist

Anders Ohlsson
Anders Ohlsson
Staff Engineer
Developer Relations

Mike Rozlog
Mike Rozlog
Senior Director
Delphi Solutions

Nick Hodges
Nick Hodges
Delphi Development

Expert guidance from working professionals!
American I.T. workforce topic:
Sharpening your skills - A short story
by Ramesh R
Here is a short story about a woodcutter and his job. From this job, we have lot of learnings that implies to our career and sharpening our skills. Such examples in life are very important for shaping our career. Enjoy the short story.

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ASP Classic topic (classic post):
Global.asa Overview
by Mike Prestwood
Introduction to the global.asa file.

Tool Basics topic (classic post):
A 10 Minute ASP Classic Quick Start
by Mike Prestwood

An example of using ASP's Response.Write and creating functions.

 Monthly ASP Classic Lesson
Language Details Topic:
Code Snippet of the Month

Use the scriptiing dictionary object which is available on later versions of ASP Classic (all still commonly in use). Both Access VBA and VB Classic use a collection for this but collections are not supported in ASP Classic.

Dim StateList
Set StateList = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")

StateList.Add "CA", "California"
StateList.Add "NV", "Nevada" 
Response.Write "I live in " & StateList.Item("CA")
Dim StateList
set StateList = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")

StateList.Add "CA", "California"
StateList.Add "NV", "Nevada"
Response.Write "I live in " & StateList.Item("CA")

ASP Classic Topic:
Documented Error of the Month: error '80020009'
Error: error '80020009' YourPage.asp, line xxxx

You are trying to reference a field of a RecordSet that has no records or the RecordSet you are using does not contain the field. You may need to add something like...

If Not MyRS.EOF Then
	SomeVar = MyRS.Fields("TheField")
End If

More Info -

ASP Classic Topic:
Resource Link of the Month: 4 Guys from Rolla

Very popular ASP Classic and now ASP.Net website.

Editor's Final Word

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