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Prestwood IT Newsletter Apr 2009 Issue - ASP Classic Edition


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  April 2009 - ASP Classic Edition Year 11 Issue 4  
Your full service technology partner!
From The Editor

We don't usually link to articles on other websites in the Prestwood eMag, but this month I couldn't resist...

10 Operating Systems the World Left Behind 
By Matt Lake, Computerworld
Matt takes you on a tour of operating sytems over the last 40 years including dead, dying, and under-used operating systems. I loved Matt's article. It brought back many memories.

My personal experience started with Commodore computers (C64 and C128) so I started on Commodore Basic 2.0, CP/M, and GEOS. From there I moved to the Amiga, NeXT, and Macintoshes finally giving in to Bill Gates when I was hired at Borland International.

If you're a long-time computer user, you'll enjoy Matt's article. If you're relatively new, Matt's article serves as a wonderful overview.

--Mike Prestwood

Expert guidance from working professionals!
Mike Prestwood
Getting Started topic:
20 Reasons to Own a Website
by Mike Prestwood

List of 20 reasons why you need to be on the Internet including to establish a presence/advertise, serve your customers, network with staff and vendors, to support your customers 24 hours a day, to reach the media, and to serve your local market.

Use these reasons as an Internet and email marketing guide for your web site. Does your website fully utilize each applicable reason?

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Language Basics topic (classic post):
ASP Classic If Statement (If..ElseIf..Else..End If)
by Mike Prestwood

The End If is optional if you put your code on a single line.

OOP topic (classic post):
ASP Classic Member Visibility (Private, Public)
by Mike Prestwood

The member visibility modifiers are Private and Public. If not specified, the default is Public. Private and Public have the usual meaning. Private members are visible only within the class block. Public members are visible within the class and outside of the class.

 Monthly ASP Classic Lesson
Tool Basics Topic:
Code Snippet of the Month

Literals are quoted as in "Prestwood".  If you need to embed a quote use two quotes in a row.

Response.Write "Hello"
Response.Write "Hello ""Mike""."
'Does ASP evaluate this simple
'floating point math correctly? No! 
If (.1 + .1 + .1) = .3 Then

 Response.Write "Correct"
 Response.Write "Not correct"
End If
Tool Basics Topic:
Question: Can you edit Access and MS SQL Server views?


Although this question really depends on the provider, in general, the answer is no to MS Access views and yes to MS SQL Server views so long as you open the RecordSet editable.

ASP Classic Topic:
Tip of the Month

When naming constants, Microsoft suggests you prefix each constant with "con" as in conYourConstant. Although, they also say the older all caps with words separated by an underscore is still acceptable (i.e. YOUR_CONSTANT).

Because I code in multiple languages and I really don't like all caps with underscores, I've adopted a lowercase k in place of con as in kFeetToMeter.

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