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Prestwood IT Newsletter Dec 2008 Issue - ASP Classic Edition


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  December 2008 - ASP Classic Edition Year 10 Issue 12  
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From The Editor
Mike Prestwood on new server!
We are back, stable, and on a fast server! Plus we've made many visual changes for a simpler easier to use experience. After several weeks of an up and down website, we have landed on a new stable and fast server. We also took this opportunity to tweak the look and feel of our family of websites for a simpler cleaner look. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Used in Dec 08 eMag.Last Minute Holiday Shopping!
The Prestwood Computer Store has over 2,000 items and if you order before the 17th, you should get your order in plenty of time to put it under the tree!


Expert guidance from working professionals!
Mike Prestwood
Delphi Prism topic:
Introducing Delphi Prism. The new Delphi.Net!

E mbarcadero Technologies and RemObjects Software have announced Delphi Prism , a next generation development suite for .NET and Mono, based on RemObjects Software's Oxygene compiler technology.

Delphi Prism will replace both Delphi for .NET and the existing Oxygene product, allowing the two companies to work together on providing one unified solution for managed development.

Key Points:

  • Delphi Prism screen shot.Install Delphi Prism as a plug-in to Visual Studio or run as a standalone development tool.
  • Targets .Net and Mono.
    • Target .NET applications using the latest Microsoft .NET 3.5 technologies such as WinForms, WPF, Silverlight, ASP.NET, and LINQ'
    • Mac OS X and Linux with open source CLR technologies such as Mono and Cocoa#'
  • No VCL.Net (this Delphi for .Net feature was dropped).
  • Build Windows applications first and foremost but also build Mac and Linux applications for added flexibility.
  • Integrated managed code database engine targeting Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.
  • Supports all CLS features such as generics, sequences, queries and parallel computing.
Cool Windows Tools topic (classic post):
FileZilla: A Great FTP Program
by Wes Peterson
File Transfer Protocol (FTP) has many uses, and there are a host of good FTP programs, both commercial and free. FileZilla is a free, open-source solution that rivals, and even exceeds, some of the best commercial FTP programs.

General, Getting Started, etc. topic (classic post):
Quick Tips: Writing a Marketing Plan
by Ramesh R

Marketing plan is the first prerequisite once the company decides with bringing the product to the market. It is important to analyze market conditions, growth aspects before starting to release any product. A marketing plan document is a good start and plays a very important role in understanding the market better. This plan discusses several different aspects of marketing strategy.

Coding & OO topic (classic post):
Web, Desktop, or Hybrid: Which is the best choice?
by Wes Peterson

The web has "grown up" to the point that many people now feel that it is THE way to deploy virtually everything. However, it is still primarily a document-based interface. Others believe that desktop applications are superior because they can utilize all the power of an operating system. This needn't be a debate because understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each can make it quite simple to identify the ideal deployment technology. There is also "a third way": utilize a web service to serve up data for your desktop application.

Non-Removable Storage Technology topic (classic post):
Move Over External Hard Drives, NAS is Here!
by Wes Peterson
Network Attached Storage isn't new, but it's become affordable, and it has many advantages over the external hard drive. The NAS (Network Attached Storage) device is a lot like an external hard drive and connect similar to how network file servers connect. NAS devices are similar. They typically have a small, firmware-embedded Linux kernal, a web-hosted management interface, and support some number of hard drives.

American I.T. workforce topic:
Sharpening your skills - A short story
by Ramesh R
Here is a short story about a woodcutter and his job. From this job, we have lot of learnings that implies to our career and sharpening our skills. Such examples in life are very important for shaping our career. Enjoy the short story.

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Language Details topic (classic post):
Response.Flush and Response.Buffer
by Mike Prestwood

Response.Flush sends the contents of the buffer to the browser. This command is useful for showing a visitor something while slow loading pages load.

 Monthly ASP Classic Lesson
Tool Basics Topic:
Code Snippet of the Month

Because ASP Classic targets a client browser (a document interfaced GUI), a common solution is to simply output an HTML formatted page with black text and a white background (not much control but it does work for some situations).

ASP Classic Topic:
Documented Error of the Month: error '80020009'
Error: error '80020009' YourPage.asp, line xxxx

You are trying to reference a field of a RecordSet that has no records or the RecordSet you are using does not contain the field. You may need to add something like...

If Not MyRS.EOF Then
	SomeVar = MyRS.Fields("TheField")
End If

More Info -

ASP Classic Topic:
Resource Link of the Month: 4 Guys from Rolla

Very popular ASP Classic and now ASP.Net website.

Editor's Final Word

Profile picture of Mahatma Gandhi. Used in Dec 08 eMag. It is unwise to be too sure of one's own wisdom. It is healthy to be reminded that the strongest might weaken and the wisest might err.

Mahatma Gandhi

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