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Prestwood IT Newsletter Nov 2008 Issue - Full Edition

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  November 2008 - Full Edition Year 10 Issue 11  
Your full service technology partner!
From The Editor
Mike Prestwood

This month we have alot going on here at Prestwood Software. With the poor economy, we've seen a slow-down in new projects from our clients. On the positive side, that has allowed us to make some changes to our online community. Changes this month include cleaning up our community group lists, new 10 minute quick start tutorials, and I'm particularly proud of our new cross reference language encyclopedia (content filled by me!).

First off, congrats to our new President Elect Barack Obama!

Also congrats to McCain for cementing his place in history. No matter how you voted or what your politics are, we now enter into a new era and hopefully we can rebuild our economy quickly. I know most businesses are struggling right now and we've seen a steep drop in businesses authorizing new projects. Our hope is that together we can all turn the economy around and start the new projects rolling!

We were proud that we offered our employees paid time off to vote if needed. Here at Prestwood Software we try to be politically neutral. However, we are an American software company so the two exceptions are off shoring jobs and the H-1B program. It's a difficult balancing act for us because we do have clients and developer friends in other countries. However, I heard both McCain and Obama talking about the need to keep jobs in America and a need to update or cleanup the H-1B program so I'm comfortable enough that these two issues are politically neutral enough to discuss on our website. Granted, the H-1B program was only mentioned a few times but I'm hopeful some type of update or revision is coming soon. I've heard from too many developers in the U.S. this year with out-of-work stories. I have many talented developer friends that are now out of programming ONLY because they can't find work.

For our clients, we have put our pre-paid hours on sale for $78 for this month! You Save $32.00 per hour (29%). This offer applies to new projects only and expires at the end of the month (11/30/2008). To take advantage of this offer, you have to use our Special: Pre-paid hours link.

We have lots of stuff for developers this month too! This month I cleaned up the look and feel of our various group lists. For example, check out our cleaned up Code Snippet Lists. I also cleaned up the other tid-bit lists including FAQs, definitions, tips, resource links, etc.

Got 10 minutes? Want to learn something? Our new 10 Minute Quick Starts our nearly step by step and take about 10 minutes each. You can use them to scratch the service of areas you want to learn and as a quick review when returning to something after a long absence. We're just getting started but we have a few quick starts up now!

I'm particularly excited about our new Cross Reference Encyclopedia. Our new language to language cross reference guides offer a side-by-side comparison between two or more languages. Languages we currently support are Access VBA, ASP Classic, C#, C++, Java, JavaScript, Object Pascal, ObjectPAL, Perl, PHP, VB Classic, and VB.Net. Although our cross reference encyclopedia is definitely a work in progress, I think it's pretty useful right now. I'm still filling in content on a daily basis so it will grow very quickly over the next few months. But, check it out, I think it's a pretty cool feature for transitioning to a new language or maintaining your ability to code in two or more languages.

Mike Prestwood
President & CEO
Prestwood Software

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