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Prestwood IT Newsletter Jul 2008 Issue - Delphi Edition


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  July 2008 - Delphi Edition (762 of 4,803 subscribers receive this group's content.) Year 10 Issue 7  
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Mike Prestwood
General News & Trends topic:
Bill Gates Retires!

On Friday, June 27, 2008, Bill Gates retired from Microsoft. Mostly.

Windows Vista topic (classic post):
How to setup a shortcut in Vista
by Mike Prestwood

To create a shortcut, right click on the deskop and select New | Shortcut. The old ways of altering the properties or even copying existing shortcuts is now very limited.

PrestwoodBoards topic (classic post):
Proper Online Netiquette
by Mike Prestwood

Good behavior while participating in online communities, blogs, newsgroups, message boards, etc. Although this article is specific to our website, it's intention is general in nature.

Website Design Services topic (classic post):
Build Your Company's Intranet
by Mike Prestwood
Increase your company's IQ with a properly built company wide intranet.

Foreign Worker Visas: H-1B, L-1 topic (classic post):
Does the U.S. still need H-1B programmers?
by Kim Berry
With the current over abundance of native workers, it might be time to cut back or even abolish H-1B visas.

Lighter Side topic:
Scrambled Text
by Mike Prestwood
Apparently if the first and last letters are correct, the rest don't matter.

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Using Controls topic (classic post):
TStringGrid Example
by Mike Prestwood
To determine the total number of columns in a String Grid, refer to its ColCount property and for the total number of rows, refer to RowCount. Determing the currently selected cell is a simple matter of referring to the Col and Row properties.

Language Details topic (classic post):
COM Collections
by William Pantoja

Correctly implementing COM collections.

 Monthly Delphi Lesson
Language Details Topic:
Code Snippet of the Month

TStringList Example
Object Pascal doesn't have a native associative array, but you can use a TStringList the same way. (Alternatively, search the Internet for TStringHash and THashedStringList classes for implementations of a true associative array).


  StateList : TStringList;
  StateList := TStringList.Create; //Create list.
  //Add values comma separated.

  StateList.CommaText := 'CA=California, AR=Arizona';
  StateList.CommaText := StateList.CommaText + ', FL=Florida';
  //Also, can add individually.

  //Use it.

  ShowMessage('FL is ' + StateList.Values['FL']);
Education (Audio/Video) Topic:
Resource Link of the Month: Video & Audio: CDN Delphi TV

Lots here! {#geek} Delphi TV is part of CodeGear's developer network. Contains both audios and videos.

Delphi for Win32 Topic:

Can I call a DotNet DLL from my Delphi Win32 application? For example, with Delphi 7 or Delphi 2010?


It's not easy because the .NET RTL resides in a different process. You can wrap up the DotNet DLL into an ActiveX control and call it or have both your app and the DotNet DLL write to the registry, a file, etc. By the way, you CAN wrap up a Win32 DLL in a DotNet DLL and call it from DotNet.

Using Data Topic:
Tip of the Month
Before adding many new entries to a TStringList, set its Sorted property to false. Add all your entries. Finally, set the Sorted property back to True (if desired). Sorting is expensive, in terms of macnine cycles. By leaving the Sorted property set to True, you force the TStingList to re-sort itself after each entry. This can significantly slow things down. This applies to TStrings, as well, and all components that have a TStrings property, like TListBox, etc.

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