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Prestwood IT Newsletter Apr 2008 Issue - ASP Classic Edition


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  April 2008 - ASP Classic Edition Year 10 Issue 4  
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Mike Prestwood
PSDP Analysis topic:
Process: Software Artifacts
by Mike Prestwood
The term software artifact has a general meaning in software development process. Several processes have used this term as part of their process. This article focuses on both the general definition and a specific implementation in PSDP Online.
MS SQL 2005 topic (classic post):
Embedded SQL Server 2005: Compact Edition
by Adam Lum
SQL Server 2005 as an Embedded Database Choice in your Application

Coding Services topic (classic post):
Software Testing? We Do That!
by Wes Peterson
Everything about our web site makes it pretty clear that we specialize in custom application development. Less frequently mentioned is another service we provide: Professional software testing. Software testing is a discipline unto itself. It's certainly related to development, but developers aren't the best testers. That's why Prestwood retains highly experienced, professional software testers. This is a service we make available - whether or not we're involved in a product's actual development. This article provides more details about this service.

Using Data topic (classic post):
Electronics Corner: Coding for 13 and 26-Bit Values
by Wes Peterson
The world of electronics is a fascinating place. Thousands of devices are available as tiny integrated circuits that can do truly amazing things. Some depend upon an external input to "program" them - or change their outputs. Here we explore one interesting aspect of dealing with these gadgets, some fast, low-level math routines that deal in unusual numbers of bits.

WebForms Coding Tasks topic (classic post):
MVC Coming to ASP .NET
The Model/View/Controller architecture is popular in windows desktop applications. Soon it will come to ASP .NET, as well.

Windows Vista topic (classic post):
Vista SP1 Is Here, Finally!
Of course SP1 fixes some bugs, but more interesting are it's new features!

Message Board Help topic (classic post):
Prestwood Boards New Features!
We deployed several new features this month.

American I.T. workforce topic (classic post):
(H-1b) Alternative to Bill Gates' Suggested Increase
Programmers Guild Proposes Alternative to the H-1b Lottery

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Tool Basics topic (classic post):
A 10 Minute ASP Classic Quick Start
by Mike Prestwood

An example of using ASP's Response.Write and creating functions.

 Monthly ASP Classic Lesson
Language Basics Topic:
Code Snippet of the Month
The following function uses the Scripting.FileSystemObject to check for the existence of a file.
Function IsFileExists(AFileName)
 Dim objFSO
 Dim TempFileName
 TempFileName = Server.MapPath(TempFileName)
 Set objFSO = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
 If (objFSO.FileExists( TempFileName ) = True)  Then
  IsFileExists = True
  IsFileExists = False
 End If
 Set objFSO = Nothing
End Function

Editor's Final Word

Prestwood Software
The software development company.
Whether you need a single developer or a team for a task or project, consider Prestwood. We understand selecting the right consulting firm is a tough decision that requires discussion prior to selection. We would like you to contact us so that we can participate in your decision. Here at Prestwood we do not engage in strong sales tactics; just honest discussion. Our hope is that through honest discussion you will put some or all of your development tasks in our hands. Call Mike Prestwood now at 1-916-726-5675 x205 to discuss your task or project.

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