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Conceptual Thinking
Posted 10 years ago on 1/23/2012
Take Away:

Conceptual thinking deals with conceptualization theory and helps in assessing or dealing with complex situations. This is very important especially while working with user documentation projects or while performing writing of content.


Every individual has his/her own set of capabilities to perform tasks. It is the ability to perform actions. In times, it might be required to handle a situation that requires more thinking capabilities. However, the ability to act/learn/think during such situations when there is a need becomes very important while working with the project. During such complex situations, it becomes effectively necessary to think out of the box and apply the theory of conceptualization.

Conceptual thinking deals with conceptualization theory and helps in assessing or dealing with complex situations. It is the ability to ascertain, plan or identify and relate patterns in situations that are not at all related. Identification of issues, trends, impact during complex situations can be dealt with by applying conceptual thinking.

While working on a user manual, it is necessarily important for the technical writer to be focussed and think out of the box as quality of work is the important fact of the hour. As the developer might have 10 different ways of writing code, similarly, sentences can be written in different ways. The technical writer need to apply this conceptual thinking skills to adopt the best possible steps and provide information in user manual keeping in mind various other concepts like usability of application, user interface navigation and other standards.

Once the steps are documented, usually usability tests are run to see if those steps work fine by performing the steps yourself using the real time application. In this scenario, it is not only important to look at the formation, presentation, image usage, flow of steps at one angle; however, we need to apply conceptual thinking to relate to situations whose patterns are not related. There can be many approaches to perform one single task of configuring the application. Look at all ways of implementation in using those steps to configure the product/application. Test each of the scenarios by performing usability tests to see if the steps are effective. Integrate and apply different ideas and approaches to accomplish a common goal.


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