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  From the February 2016 Issue of Prestwood eMag
Delphi BDE:
BDE SQL Links Not Maintained
Posted 11 years ago on 2/15/2010 and updated 5/7/2010
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I have an application in Delphi 1-7, using BDE. Is there a way that I can upgrade the BDE so the can work with MSSQL 2005 or 2008. They work fine if MSSQL2000 is is used. Am I on a dead end or there is still hope?

In 2001 or 2002, Borland announced that they were stopping development on the BDE and on SQL Links. That news affected SQL Links users most since SQL Servers change more dramatically than Paradox and dBase do. So, yes, you are in a bad situation.
You could continue with the BDE using the ODBC drivers for MS SQL but most developers switched out BDE/SQL Links for ADO/dbExpress. My suggestion is to take a look at switching out to ADO.

BDE Usage A Must!

If you must use the BDE, for example with Corel Paradox, stick with the ODBC drivers. They work just fine.

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