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  From the July 2009 Issue of Prestwood eMag
ASP Classic Tool Basics:
ASP Classic Comments (' or REM)
Posted 14 years ago on 11/14/2008 and updated 1/4/2009
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Languages Focus: Comments

Commenting code generally has three purposes: to document your code, for psuedo coding prior to coding, and to embed compiler directives. Most languages support both a single line comment and a multiple line comment. Some languages also use comments to give instructions to the compiler or interpreter.

ASP Classic Comments

Commenting Code
ASP Classic, like all the VB-based languages, uses a single quote (') or the original class-style basic "REM" (most developers just use a quote). ASP Classic does NOT have a multiple line comment.

Preprocessor Directives - @ and #
An @ is used for preprocessor directives within ASP code (within <% %>) and a # is used for HTML-style preprocessor directives.

Note: ASP Classic does not support VB Classic's #If directive.

Syntax Example:
'Single line comment.
REM Old school single line comment.


Common Preprocessor Directives include:

<!-- #Include File="" -->

Multi-Line Comment Code Trick

You can simulate a multi-line comment with code which is useful especially if you wish to comment out a block of code.

For example:

If False Then
 '...code here skipped.
End If

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