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  From the January 2008 Issue of Prestwood eMag
Prestwood IT psSendMail DLL:
psSendMail Version 2 ships!
Posted 17 years ago on 7/23/2007

Following on the great success of v1 of psSendMail, v2 builds on that foundation to meet the emailing needs of today's developers. As a bonus, we have not raised its price!

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Download Link:

 Download Now: 661_Attachment.pdf

psSendMail, v2, builds upon the great success of its predecessor, v1.1. It adds several new capabilities, and helps ensure that your application's emails make it past the "spam police."

psSendMail is a Windows DLL that provides the ability to send e-mail messages. The purpose of this DLL is to make e-mail capability possible in those development environments that are capable of communicating with a DLL but cannot send e-mail directly.

What's new in v2?

  • Authentication is now supported.
  • You can now send HTML-formatted messages.
  • psSendMail now has features to help your messages get past the "spam police."
  • A brand new demo program allows you to exercise and test each and every function of the psSendMail DLL.

psSendMail v2 is backward-compatible with v1.1. To take advantage of the new features in v2, however, you'll need to slightly modify existing code.

Note: Prestwood Software has officially deprecated the psSendMail v1.x API. We urge all psSendMail users to update their existing applications to use the v2 API exclusively. No new projects should use the v1 API. The v1 API is scheduled to be removed from a future release of psSendMail.

For all the details about psSendMail v2, check out the manual, attached below, via the link that says "Download Now."


  • 32-bit Windows development environment capable of calling DLLs.
  • SMTP Server (used to send emails, you can use the SMTP server provided by your ISP.

You can download a free trial of psSendMail, here.

You can purchase psSendMail, for only $29.95, here.

Q: I currently have a one page Paradox report generated by ObjectPAL which I print out and fax to my customers. What I would like to do is send this report via email instead of printing it out and then physically going to the fax machine to fax it out. Can I send this as an email attachment via psSendMail? Will the recipient need Paradox installed?

A.: Yes, you can send "any" file via email. In this situation you might want to print it to file (for example with a PDF writer) so that you don't have to send the data with the report. The recipient, then, does not need Paradox. They just need a regular email account. A great (free) tool for that is PrimoPDF.

Q: Some of my clients' SMTP servers require authentication. Can psSendMail handle that?

A: Yes. There are many authentication schemes now in existence. By far, the most ubiquitous is User Name and Password. This is the authentication protocol supported in psSendMail v2.

Q:  I want to send email in HTML format. Does psSendMail support this?

A: Yes. One of the API parameters informs psSendMail that your message content should be handled as HTML.

Q: With psSendMail v1.1, many of my messages were blocked by spam filters. Neither I, nor my clients, are spammers. What's up with that - and how does psSendMail handle it?

A: Email messages carry a header entry called X-Mailer. In v1.1, this value was hard-coded in the psSendMail DLL as "psSendMail." It's possible that somebody used psSendMail to generate spam, and that the spam filters are blocking anything with an X-Mailer header of "psSendMail."

In v2, psSendMail allows the developer to specify the value that will appear in the X-Mailer header. Further, even if you don't specify such a value, psSendMail will generate a non-generic X-Mailer header line.

Download Link:

 Download Now: 661_Attachment.pdf


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