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Mike Prestwood
1. Change MS Word Markup Default to Off

How do you turn off Markup comments in Microsoft Word so the next time I open a document, I do not see the markup comments by default?

Posted to KB Topic: Microsoft Office
10 years ago


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Windows Users

Larry J. Rutledge
2. Delphi: Windows Shell Extensions How to add functionality to the existing Windows™ shell.
Posted to KB Topic: Delphi for Win32
17 years ago, and updated 13 years ago

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Pascal and Delphi Coding

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Printer/font manager combination invalid
I am using 16bit Pdox 7, xp pro Sp2. I have been printing to an HP 750C Plus printer from my numerous Pdox applications for several years. Several days ago it started showing the error above whenever I try to print any report. The problem occurred overnight. It printed fine at 10 pm but the next morning it failed. Nothing was changed in the computer. I have done the following to try and correct the problem., 1. Removed and reinstalled the printer & driver., 2. Removed and reinstalled Pdox., 3. Created a simple application in PDox to test the printer., If I print from MS Word (or any other application) to the printer, it works just fine. When tne failure occurs, I exit Pdox and see a GP fault error. , I'm lost... I have no idea where to look for "Printer/Font Manager Combination Invalid"., Any suggestions?
Posted to MB Topic: Paradox Forms « Paradox Board
14 years ago
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--- Anonymous
14 years ago
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Don G
New guy on the block
I just joined the group and am interested in seeing if I can learn more about VBA to augment my MS Access skills.  I build user friendly applications for streamlining processing tasks within our University including downloading web based surveys to Access and analyzing feedback trends. , I have been using Access for about 10 years, Paradox before that.  I love creating integrated applications with MS Word, Outlook, etc. to generate personalized email blasts and reminders.  Fun, fun, fun. See you on the boards!
13 years ago
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Hi Don.  Although I'm not a real VBA guy, I've always had a high regard for the database behind Access (Jet), and I've written many applications (in Delphi) that use the Jet database engine. Welcome! There are a lot of Access, VBA, and Paradox mavens around here. Wes  
13 years ago
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Accessdata -> Word with formatting ?
Hello!, , Really need help with this one please., , I have an Access database, with some fields, , , ID, name, address, phone, workphone,car, 1, John, Sunhill road 11, 2149691296, 12121, Pontiac, , 2, Ben, Sunrose hill 12, 2149691111, , Saab, , Now, I need the data to MS Word in this way, , John, Sunhill road 11, (214) 969-1296, 12121, Pontiac, , Ben, Sunrose hill 12, (214) 969-1111, Saab, , etcetera...., , So...I need the name in bold, and also if a field is empty in the database it should not be a blank line in Word. And also format the telephone number., , That's all...., , Please do help...., , Thanks in advance.
Posted to MB Topic: Access VBA Programming « Access Board
13 years ago
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two words..., , Mail Merge
13 years ago
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Mrs Gremlin
More of a dabbler than a programmer (I'm in marketing) I've signed up here to pick other more knowledgable brains when I can't work out how to do something myself., Current problem: I want to create self-populating fields in my database that will take information from standard MS Word (97) fields such as "Title" when I create a hyperlink to the document in another field on the same record. Any advice/assistance greatly appreciated, even if it's directions to the correct board/s., Thanks, Mrs Gremlin Confused
13 years ago
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Welcome Big Grin! , , You can use DDE to communicate with Word. A bookmark in a Word document is a DDE Topic. I believe the DDE application name is WinWord for Word 97. Good luck.
13 years ago
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Automating a report from Access data into a MS Wor
My customer has requested that he would like to be able to access his reports in a word document instead of having to convert it from an access report to MS Word. He wants it done the same way itÆs set up now, where there is a form that he just has to click a button and the conversion will happen automate. My question is, has anyone been able to do this and if so how did you do it? And when you created this report in word did you have to create a template for the headers and lines? An example could be of great help. Confused
Posted to MB Topic: Access VBA Programming « Access Board
13 years ago
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i dont have an example of this but I know it can be done. Take a look at [URL=][/URL] and you should be able to find some stuff there.
13 years ago
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