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Delphi KB: Tool Basics Topic

Articles about form design, interface standards, and user interface issues.

7 Articles Found in the Tool Basics Topic 

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Wes Peterson
1. Debugging Tip: ISAPI DLLs and Services

If you've written any ISAPI DLLs, and tried to debug them, you've learned that it isn't exactly a trivial task. This little code snippet can often eliminate much of the pain.

13 years ago
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Mike Prestwood
2. Delphi Deployment Overview

Delphi create native code Windows applications so you can create an EXE with no dependencies that will run on any Windows computer. If you add dependencies (reports, database libraries, DLLs, etc.) use a Windows installer to build an installation program.

D2007 and D2009 are bundled with InstallAware Express CodeGear Edition installer.

11 years ago

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Mike Prestwood
3. Delphi Editor Tips and Tricks

Borland Delphi editor tips and tricks.

17 years ago, and updated 10 years ago

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Mike Prestwood
4. Insert GUID Into Source Code

To insert a GUID into code using the Delphi Editor, use Control + Shift + G.



However, if you are using either the Visual Studio or Visual Basic key mapping emulation, use Control + Alt + G.

11 years ago

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Scott Wehrly
5. Large Fonts and Windows Controls This topic discusses the issues surrounding Delphi forms running on a desktop with large fonts enabled.
17 years ago, and updated 17 years ago
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Daniel Kram
6. Record Keystrokes

You can record a series of keystrokes to be played back for quick changes in code. Use Ctrl+Shift + R to begin recording, Ctrl+Shift+R again to stop the recording, then Ctrl+Shift+P to play recording.

12 years ago, and updated 11 years ago
(1 Comments , last by david_chesnet )

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Wes Peterson
7. So Many Great Databases: Can It Get Any Better? Contemporary databases provide incredible features, and supporting tools. Even so, there is one "add on" you should know about.
13 years ago

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