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1. Command Prompt From Any Folder

Hold down the Shift key and right click on any folder in Windows 7 and select Open command window here. A command prompt will open with the current directory set automatically.

13 years ago

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Windows Users

2. Configuring a Windows 7 Network

There are four different types of logical networks by which you can access files and devices or share an internet connection:

  • Homegroup
  • Workgroup
  • Windows domain
  • Public network
12 years ago, and updated 12 years ago

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Windows Users

Mike Prestwood
3. Enable Telnet in Windows 7

telnet is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

13 years ago

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Windows Users

Mike Prestwood
4. Windows 7 Pricing Announced

The Windows 7 Home, Professional, and Ultimate editions will retail at a lower price than Vista. The upgrade pricing is available for XP and Vista users but XP users will have to perform a clean install. Gone is the Business edition. It's now back to it's pre-Vista Professional name.

Windows 7 Pricing:

  • Home Premium New User: $199.99, Upgrade: $119.99
  • Professional New User: $299.99, Upgrade: $199.99
  • Ultimate New User: $319.99, Upgrade: $219.99
15 years ago
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Wes Peterson
5. Windows 7 Trials and Triumphs

This begins the saga of my personal experiences with Windows 7.

Although Prestwood IT Solutions has Win7 installed on some machines for testing purposes, I wasn't involved in setting any of them up. What follows are my personal experiences setting up a new Win7 machine for my home office, installing the software I need, and resolving the inevitable problems that arise along they way.

14 years ago

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Windows Users

Mike Prestwood
6. Windows 7, 8, and 10 Memory Recommendation

How much memory do I need with Windows XP?

16 years ago, and updated 16 years ago

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