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Wes Peterson

Wes Peterson's Tips Page

4 Tips (knowledge gems).

These Tips are organized by our community groups then by our knowledge base sub-topics.

Group: Pascal and Delphi Coding

Topic: Using Data

1. TStringList - Maximizing Performance
Before adding many new entries to a TStringList, set its Sorted property to false. Add all your entries. Finally, set the Sorted property back to True (if desired). Sorting is expensive, in terms of macnine cycles. By leaving the Sorted property set to True, you force the TStingList to re-sort itself after each entry. This can significantly slow things down. This applies to TStrings, as well, and all components that have a TStrings property, like TListBox, etc.

Group: Coding & OO

Topic: General Tasks

2. Using Paradox Tables with .NET

Although the .NET Framework is well "tuned" for MS SQL Server, it can also be pressed into service with other databases.

A somewhat unusual case is using ASP .NET to access and modify data in Paradox tables.  If you're going to do that, the most important thing to know is which ODBC driver to use - because you will be using an ODBC Driver.

The driver to use was created by Intersolv and bundled with Paradox v9. That driver has a version designation of v3.11

Group: Prestwood IT Solutions

Topic: psSendMail DLL

3. psSendMail v2 - How to Compose HTML Messages
psSendMail v2 supports HTML message bodies. But it does not offer a WYSWYG HTML editor. It is, after all, "just" a DLL. A great way to get started constructing HTML messages is to simply use your favorite HTML authoring tool. Compose your message, then switch to your authoring tool's source view. Copy everything between (but not including) the opening and closing "" tags into your psSendMail message body. Of course, since psSendMail is targeted at developers, you'll probably be constructing your HTML messages programatically. The technique just described will give you a precise idea of what needs to go into your HTML messages. Tip: Be sure to set the psSendMail HTML parameter to True!

4. psSendMain v2 - What Happened to My Line Breaks?
Now that psSendMain supports both HTML and plain text message bodies, as a developer, you must use the HTML parameter properly. If you create the body of your message as you would plain text, but set the HTML parameter to True, the receiving email program will do exactly what web browsers do: It will treat your CR and LF characters as white space, not line breaks. So be sure the HTML parameter is set to False before sending plain text messages.

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