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Group: Client Extranet

Topic: New Client Area

Q&A: # of Employees
Question: How many employees does Prestwood have?


We are a small consulting firm. In addition to our roughly 15 employees and 20 contractors, we have an army of resources available from our online groups. We use only pre-qualified and pre-screened developers.
Posted By Mike Prestwood, Post #100859, KB Topic: New Client Area
Q&A: Difficult Estimates
Question: Why is it so difficult to give an estimate for projects?


It’s not difficult if we have all the requirements, and its’ fool hardy to give estimates without detailed requirements. Think of it in these terms. Would you ask a contractor for an estimate on building your dream home without giving him any architectural plans? What would be your confidence level that he would understand what the house is suppose to look like and that it would include all the features and aesthetics you wanted? What would be your confidence level that the estimate he gave you would be remotely close to the actual cost?

Without doing the work of gathering requirements, you only have a wish and a hope that you’re going to get what you want and need. The money you spend and the time you invest with a developer documenting requirements is your insurance to getting what you want with a dependable estimate of what it’s going to cost. Furthermore, just as in the example of the contractor, you have a plan, which if you choose, you can present to other developers for bid. Beware of those who would quote you a price without doing requirements.

Posted By Mike Prestwood, Post #100857, KB Topic: New Client Area
Q&A: Largest Project Size
Question: What's the largest project Prestwood has done?


From a money point of view, the largest project for this company was $500,000. We've been involved with multi-million dollar projects with a team of 15 and a duration of several years. Mike Prestwood headed up a team at The Money Store managing a huge project with a team of just over 75 and a duration of several years. (Although we don't recommend this monolithic approach to development. We recommend a tiger team approach.)
Posted By Mike Prestwood, Post #100860, KB Topic: New Client Area
Q&A: Prestwood Primary Business
Question: Prestwood offers many services, standards, and products, what is your focus? What service or product makes most of your money?


Our focus is custom programming, coding services. Roughly 90% of our income is from building applications for companies and the government.
Posted By Mike Prestwood, Post #100861, KB Topic: New Client Area
Q&A: Quick Questions
Question: I occasionally have a quick question about a project or an application Im working with. It probably would take one of your programmers 5 or 10 minutes to answer. Do I have to enter into a contract to do this?


Yes, but it’s relatively painless. Our Development Support Account is a simple to use. Please note that a credit card is required for billing purposes, and work is billed on an hourly basis and/or 15 minute increments. By the way, we issue statements on a weekly basis for any work done the previous week. The statements document what work was done and time spent.
Posted By Mike Prestwood, Post #100858, KB Topic: New Client Area
Q&A: Why Free information?
Question: Why do you put so much free technical information on your web site?


We've always believed in sharing information. One of the benefits of a true consulting firm is the collaboration and interaction the various developers have on specific technical issues. Sometimes developers consider knowledge power and hoard it. We believe by sharing our knowledge with the public, it will encourage our developers to communicate and share more. Also, by placing free technical information, potential clients can see that we are a true consulting firm and not just a body shop/agency.
Posted By Mike Prestwood, Post #100862, KB Topic: New Client Area
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