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Tech Writer Resource Links

These Resource Links are contributed by you (our online community members). They are organized by our knowledge base topics. Specifically, by the Tech Writer sub-topics.

Note: A resource link is a recommended website, area of a website, or a specific page. In general, these links lead to information. Post links to products, a product page, download file, or a download library of files to our File Library (do not post here).

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4 Technical Writing Resource Links

Group: Technical Writing

Topic: General, Getting Started, etc.

Social Media in Technical Communication -

Hi everybody, i have written an article about social media in technical communication. This has been published in Jan 2010 issue of tcworld German Magazine. Please read my article and let me know your feedback.



Topic: MS Compiled Windows Help (.CHM)

Help and Manual: A great authoring tool -

Help and Manual is a mature, and reasonably-priced, authoring tool for WinHelp, Compiled HTML Help (CHM); plus PDF, and Word documentation.

Under the covers, your authoring project is maintained in XML.

It can convert existing help and documentation from a number of formats, and it is very author-friendly.

HelpScribble - an amazing tool -

We're all familiar with program help systems. At Prestwood, of course, we need to author them for many of the applications we create.

There are many help authoring tools available, and HelpScribble is one of my two favorites.

Now, even though you may not need to create program help systems, help files, on their own, can be a great way to organize and convey all manner of information. Because they can contain a table of contents, an index, search capabilities, hyperlinks from one topic to another, and embedded graphics, they can be a wonderful way to document many kinds of complex information - say a training manual for new workers - in just about any industry.

The people at Just Great Software like to say that, "If you can scribble, you can create help systems." They're right: HelpScribble makes it about as easy as it could get. Naturally, HelpScribble includes an extensive help system of its own, which will teach you everything you need to know.

HelpScribble can produce

  • WinHelp (.hlp files),
  • Compiled HTML Help (.chm files),
  • Rich Text Format (.rtf files) for printed manuals, and
  • Multi-page HTML output - suitable for web help.

At only $99, this is one of the best software bargains I've encountered.

You can read all about HelpScribble, and download a free trial here:

Topic: Publishing Self Publishing -

Self-publishing website. Publish your own books at a reasonable price. Free to publish and no setup fees.

Sales Website: Or visit our legacy sales site:

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