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C# FAQ Page

These FAQs are contributed by you (our online community members). They are organized by our knowledge base topics. Specifically, by the C# sub-topics.

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3 C# (Visual C# & VS.Net) FAQs

Group: C# (Visual C# & VS.Net)

Topic: C#

-Collapse +Expand Q1. How do I take advantage of Application Virtualization in the application I'm coding?

You don't have to do anything special in your application. However, you do have to give certain folders and files the correct rights in your installer.

Posted By Mike Prestwood, Post #100840, KB Topic: C#

Topic: WinForms

-Collapse +Expand Q2. Can I use a Win32 DLL in my Visual Studio.Net application?

Yes. The trick is to use the [DllImport] attribute, followed by declarations for each of the DLL's functions and procedures.

Posted By Wes Peterson, Post #100649, KB Topic: WinForms

Topic: WebForms Beginners Corner

-Collapse +Expand Q3. How do you resolve the UserID of a user when using ASP.NET 2.0's built in Membership utility?
//GetUser() returns current user information
MembershipUser myUser = Membership.GetUser();

//Returns the UserID and converts to a string
string UserID = myUser.ProviderUserKey.ToString();
Posted By Stephen Berry, Post #101288, KB Topic: WebForms Beginners Corner
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