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Delphi Resource Links

These Resource Links are contributed by you (our online community members). They are organized by our knowledge base topics. Specifically, by the Delphi sub-topics.

Note: A resource link is a recommended website, area of a website, or a specific page. In general, these links lead to information. Post links to products, a product page, download file, or a download library of files to our File Library (do not post here).

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12 Pascal and Delphi Coding Resource Links

Group: Pascal and Delphi Coding

Topic: Delphi for Win32

Book: Delphi 2007 for Win32 Development Essentials -

Bob Swart, affectionately known by some of us as "Dr. Bob," has long been a great resource for details about Delphi development.

I'll never forget how, when I first had to write a Windows service in Delphi, Dr. Bob's articles provided the most lucid explanations about all the ugly details of Windows Services.

Swart, being a well recognized Delphi authority, I'll read any thing the good doctor publishes. I'm drooling to get my hands on this one.

Book: Delphi 2007 Handbook -

Marco Cantu's previous Delphi Books have long been a staple in my personal library, and I expect this new one will live up to Cantu's fine reputation.

Marco's Delphi 5 books were watersheds in my Delphi career, and I'm eager for my copy of this new one to arrive.

CodeGear Blogs -

Here you will find blogs from David I, Nick Hodges (Delphi Product Manager), and many other notable Delphi enthusiasts.

DelForEx: A Delphi Code Formatter -

Having consistently formatted source code makes life so much easier.

At Prestwood, we are often asked to enhance, update, and maintain Delphi applications created by somebody else. Some of it is well formated; lots of it is just horrible. Before I even start trying to understand the existing code, I let DelForEx have a run at it. And, man, does it ever make a difference.

But it's not just handy for cleaning up somebody else's code. Often, while working on my own code, I'll rearrange blocks of code by cutting and pasting. Often the indentation is way off. DelForEx fixes it pronto.

DelForEx is a free plug-in for the Delphi IDE. Highly recommended. Combined with GExperts, it turns your IDE into a real powerhouse.

Delphi for Win32 Home Page -
CodeGear's Delphi® 2007 for Win32® home page. The RAD visual development environment for WindowsDelphi® 2007 for Win32® The RAD visual development environment for Windows

Delphi for Win32 Roadmap -

Official Delphi and C++Builder Roadmap from Codegear.

Dr. Bob 42 -
A popular, and charming, website containing the latest news, press releases, articles, book reviews, tools, third-party tool reviews, and news on conferences & training using Delphi for Win32, Delphi for .NET, Delphi for PHP, Kylix (Delphi for Linux), C++Builder (Delphi for C++) & C#Builder as well as ASP.NET, XML, SOAP and Web Services.

Embarcadero Technologies -
The new home for Delphi and the other CodeGear apps.

GExperts -

I recommend GExperts for one simple reason: I'm addicted; I can't live without it.

GExperts is a collection of incredibly useful plug-ins for the Delphi IDE. There are too many to list, so I'll mention just a couple of my favorites:

Replace Components: Select one or more controls on a form, choose GExperts "Replace Components," and you're presented a dialog that allows you to select a replacement component from a very smart drop-down. As GExperts replaces the selected component(s), it also preseves as many properties as possible.

Component to Code: Select a component on one of your forms or data modules, select GExperts "Component to code," and all the code necessary to create that component in explicit code is magically placed on the clipboard.

MessageDlg builder: While in the Delphi code editor, simply hit Crl-D. GExperts pops up a dialog in which you can type in text to be displayed, choose which buttons to include, choose an icon for your MessageDlg, and even test it. Clicking OK inserts the appropriate MessageDlg call right into your code.

Oh. Did I mention that GExperts is free? Don't start Delphi again without first downloading and installing GExperts. You'll be hooked, too.

Magazine: Blaise Pascal -

With the demise of Delphi Informant, we've gone quite a while without a good, English language Delphi periodical.

It's exciting, then, so see the appearance of an English edition of Blaise Pascal, especially given it's lineup of writers; Nick Hodges, Bob Swart, Kim Madsen, Julian Bucknall, Jeremy North, and Hallvard Vassbotn. That's a virtual "who's who" of the lofty world of Delphi gurus.

A quick, simple, free registration gets you access to a PDF version of one issue. Check it out! Delphi Articles - is run by Lance Leonard and contains a wealth of information. I remember Lance from back when I worked at Borland in the mid-90s. His website covers Paradox, Delphi, and other technologies.

Topic: Education (Audio/Video)

Video & Audio: CDN Delphi TV -

Lots here! {#geek} Delphi TV is part of CodeGear's developer network. Contains both audios and videos.

Sales Website: Or visit our legacy sales site:

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