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  From the August 2015 Issue of Prestwood eMag
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Learning - by sharing information
Posted 11 years ago on 2/6/2009
Take Away:

The key aspects of learning evolve by sharing or exchanging information with your peers. For a technical writer, it is very much important to focus/target towards a technical topic. This article presents a short information about the key aspects of learning and the methods/techniques used to enable the learning curve.


Learning about a subject starts only when you start attempting to share it with others. By writing down and documenting what you know and what you infer or understand helps you to build your skills and learn more about it. As we proceed towards gathering information for the document or article, eventually we move towards covering all related areas pertaining to the document. This helps us to learn the entire information specific to a document.

If you know some information, as you share them, you will be more equipped with knowledge as you are speaking about the same. By speaking with others regarding the topic, you will be able to gather plenty of information as the level of knowledge varies from person to person within a business unit or team.

A study of information leads to learning and further understanding the subject matter. With further clarifications, leads to knowledge about subject matter. Sharing of information provides opportunities for learning out of the box.

We will always be revolving around this curve by learning-understanding-analysing-sharing.





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