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  From the December 2015 Issue of Prestwood eMag
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Knowledge Management
Posted 12 years ago on 6/25/2008
Take Away: An overview of knowledge management in corporate companies with the basics providing information peratining to such knowledge management teams that lead to greater organizational growth and individuals growth also.


Knowledge is not restricted to any company or to any person or team. Knowledge is something that needs to be shared with everybody. Once the knowledge sharing activity begins, then everybody will benefit out of such an initiative and will strive towards organization development and inter-domain specialization exists within the organization. For any company, knowledge management is very important. Now, every company have their own knowledge management team. The KM in short spans across all processes and business units bringing employees from each of the teams and processes closer in order for effective knowledge exchange. This is also possible through KM portals, sharepoint or wiki by providing resources and information on a centralized location. This will be used by the employees further to understand about each of the teams and processes and obtain domain knowledge by referring documents within the portal.

When we start speaking about knowledge management, the three important components for any organization are people, process and technology. People refers to understanding about the employees in other teams and the projects they are working on. Process would refer to the working principles of other teams and the workflow of projects. Technology refers to the specialization domains, it might be medical or mechanical or electronics or embedded technology. Management of knowledge is critical for any organization.

The KM team's job is to ensure each and every employee shares information with other teams in the organization and they provide required resources for such knowledge sharing activities. Some of the activities involve regular training sessions of particular interest, corporate seminars by inviting people from various industries, workshops, etc. This initiative also helps the employee to discuss and share their experiences with respect to their projects and come up with any questions on specific topics if they find it difficult to handle them. Any specific issues that are being encountered while working with their project can be brought to focus in these KM forums / meetings. If an employee needs information and if he is busy with his project schedule, then he/she can post such comments/questions in the discussion forums. A portal can be setup having provision for asking questions and a KM expert can reply back to their questions on the portal. This is can be considered as a online knowledge bank.

Thus, KM has helped organizations to succeed further in enriching the skills and enable teams to grow with cross domain knowledge across the organization.


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yeah. nice article.

Moreover, there can be more frequent meet ups to share experiences and challenges.

Neha Mittal
Posted 6 years ago

Comment 2 of 2

Hi Neha,

Thanks for your comments.

Posted 6 years ago
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