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  From the April 2010 Issue of Prestwood eMag
Delphi for Win32:
Using Mono Software Web Dialogs with Cassini and Delphi 2006
Posted 15 years ago on 5/4/2006
Take Away:

The online tutorials for these controls use IIS, this post describes the same use with the Cassini web server


Fortunately, the steps for Cassini are nearly identical to those for IIS.

Let's say you have set up Cassini to run from

Then you follow these steps for the Mono Software Web dialogs:
1) install the Web dialogs using the Windows installer (these instructions presume you use the default directories).  It is recommended you do NOT install to the GAC if you're following online tutorials for Delphi 2006
2) Per the READ ME FIRST.txt file, do the following:
    Copy C:\Program Files\Mono Ltd\MonoSoftware.Web.Dialogs\MonoResources
(the entire directory, not just the contents) to C:\iNetPub\wwwroot

(you should now have a C:\iNetPub\wwwroot\MonoResources directory, containing a Dialogs subdirectory

3) Copy C:\Program Files\Mono Ltd\MonoSoftware.Web.Dialogs\MonoResources\Dialogs\MonoDialogPage.aspcx into your destination directory (which should be located in C:\iNetPub\wwwroot)

That's it, the instructions should now work as well for you with Cassini as if you were using IIS.


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I am a software engineer with many years professional experience, using everything from 6809 assembly language to C, C++, Delphi, Paradox for Windows, and Borland JBuilder.
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