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Delphi Language Details:
Using Record Types In Delphi
Posted 3/13/2003 on 3/13/2003 and updated 12/12/2008
Take Away: How to use records in Delphi.


Using Records

Records are convenient for grouping variables together.

Key Points

  • Use the 'record' and 'end' keywords to define the record

  • Between 'record' and 'end', declare your variables normally

  • Refer to each element using dot notation. For example, 'theRec.theVar'.

For convenience, the following example declared a new TName type as a new custom type. This was done so that everywhere we need to use this record structure, we simply use a single line declaration.

Here is a simple example:
procedure TForm1.ButtonClick(Sender: TObject);
{For convenience, declare a new type of record.}
   TName = record
      FName    : String;
      MInitial : String[1];
      LName    : String;
   recName   : TName;
   sFullName : String;
   sSpace    : String;
  with recName do begin
     FName    := 'Mike';
     MInitial := 'A';
     LName    := 'Prestwood';
  sSpace    := ' ';
  sFullName := recName.FName +sSpace+ recName.MInitial + sSpace  + recName.LName;
  Instead of using with…do, you can access a record directly. 
  For example:


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You can also use Arrays in records. For example:

   TName = record

      FName    : String;

      MInitial : String[1];

      LName    : String;



TPeople = record

  F_Gender: string;
  F_Address: string;
  F_Name: array of TName;


Notice, the F_Name is not defined in size, so use the SetLength() call

see this article:

Posted 12/12/2008

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