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  From the May 2012 Issue of Prestwood eMag
Delphi Using Data:
Heterogeneous Joins in Delphi
Posted 19 years ago on 8/21/2002 and updated 3/18/2003
Take Away: Heterogeneous Joins in Delphi: by Mike Benemelis. A heterogeneous join is when you join tables from two different SQL servers (or a server and a local table) within the same query. This short article will show you how to perform such queries using Delphi.


The Delphi 1.0 Database Application Developer’s Guide for performing a Heterogeneous join is not quite correct. The following was provided (in part) by Borland Technical Support:

To perform a heterogeneous join do the following.

  1. For each server table, a connection must exist before the query is executed. A TDatabase can be used to establish the connection.
  2. The SQL statement must use real Alias names, as set up in the BDE config file, Not the Database Name properties from a Tdatabase component.
  3. The SQL syntax should be formatted as follows: a double quote, a colon, a real alias name, a colon, the table name, and a double quote. See the example below:
  4. Leave the DatabaseName Property of the TQuery blank.

For Example:


I performed a query similar to the one above, using tables in an Oracle and MS SQL database. Both databases are on a windows NT 4.0 OS. The performance seemed slow, possibly due to the BDE having to bring the data down locally and to data translations.


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