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Find Record (ASP Classic and VB.Net Cross Reference Guide)

By Mike Prestwood

ASP Classic versus VB.Net: A side by side comparison between ASP Classic and VB.Net.


This category documents connecting and using data including database commands, and common technologies used.

Find Record

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Finding a record is about moving a cursor to a specific record within a set of records (documented here). In addition to finding a record, you can sort, filter, and loop a set of records (documented in their topics).

ASP Classic:   Find, Seek

In ASP, using ADO, you use Find and Seek to move a cursor of a RecordSet to a matching record.

Syntax Example:

Given a valid ADO recordset, the following code snippet finds a specific user and prints out their age:

TC.Find " UserID='mprestwood' "
Response.Write TC.Fields("Age")
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